u-he has introduced a new soundset for the Hive 2 software synthesizer instrument. Kling Klong is a percussion soundset by Howard Scarr, featuring a collection of over 170 highly unorthodox (or even strange) hits and loops offering limitless variations via the XY pads.

Most ‘Mono Loops’ are arpeggiated sequences, letting you create variations by simply holding down different notes across the keyboard.

The ‘Poly Loops’ make good use of Hive’s polyphonic shape sequencer instead of the arpeggiator/sequencer: By stacking notes the user can turn slow loops into complex rhythms or dramatic repeating ‘flams’ – an unusual technique well worth exploring!

The soundset is available to purchase for 30 EUR at the u-he store.

Additionally, u-he has announced Zebra Legacy, an upcoming bundle of Zebra2 with all of u-he’s Zebra soundsets for free (including The Dark Zebra).

Zebra Legacy will be available from our web store on November 15th, replacing all the individual products. Zebra2 owners can use Zebra Legacy and all its content free of charge with their existing license, and will be eligible for a 30€ upgrade to Zebra3 once it comes out. Those who already own a license for The Dark Zebra will be automatically upgraded to Zebra3 free of charge.

There’s a catch: As Zebra Legacy is such an incredible bargain, we will not be offering an upgrade path to Zebra3 for licenses purchased on or after November 15th.

Priced 99 EUR, Zebra Legacy will be available on November 15th, 2022.

More information: u-he