Producer Loops has annouced that is is now selling Ueberschall‘s product range at

Ueberschall is a world famous label for professional sample libraries. Their biggest strength is the versatility and authentic quality of each library. In collaboration with more than 30 different producers, they have released over 100 different libraries to date. From Soul, Funk, Rock and Pop, to Score & SFX sounds and all kinds of Electronic music. Their catalogue covers 40 different music styles and is growing all the time, attracting customers from all over the world and from different branches of music who trust in Ueberschall’s flawless production, movie scores, web and multimedia projects.

Ueberschall libraries come with the own sample player called “Elastik 2”, meaning you only pay for the soundbank but get a flexible sampling tool on top! The Elastik 2 Player manages all Elastik libraries in one engine. It comes with a whole range of versatile features including a self-explanatory browser, designed for fast access to any loaded sound libraries. The central Loopeye surface focuses all attention on the loop and stores several innovative DSP functions, and the sequence mode allows you to slice up the loop and edit each part individually – on the fly. There is even a handy random button that offers opportunities for unforeseeable inspiration, along with many further interesting and easy-to-use features.

Their latest release is the “Elastik Inspire Series” which crosses the line between Construction Kit libraries and normal loop libraries. Each volume keeps 2GB of loops and phrases that work perfectly together and you can combine them with already existing projects or create new “Inspire Kits” on your command. Using the “random” button, the “Inspire Kits” can be altered and new combinations of instruments can be created automatically. The selected sample will be replaced by a randomly selected sample of the same instrument class – no matter what genre you choose. This allows the user to create completely new and never-heard-before Construction Kits. All samples fit perfectly together and the results are 100% royalty-free!

Producer Loops will be releasing five Ueberschall products every week.

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