Ueberschall 60s Psychedelic Rock

Ueberschall has announced the release of 60s Psychedelic Rock, a new Elastik 2 soundbank.

Hallucinogenic song structures, energy-floating instrumentals and mind-expanding effects take you on a trip back into the 60s.

60s Psychedelic Rock provides the ultimate in time travel back in to the glorious age of the psychedelic sixties. This is one epoch collection of revolutionized recordings and an overdose of technique all in a short trip. „60s psychedelic Rock“ takes you back to this state of consciousness. Analogue signal-flows and tape-compressions create the precise, authentic sound and illuminate acoustic illusions while a kaleidoscope of instruments brings all tone colors to glow in unheard colors.

60s Psychedelic Rock features

  • 3.2 GB content, 20 construction kits, 1,558 psychedelic loops and samples.
  • Construction kits were all live record with the typical band setup. Only authentic effects of this time were used (Phaser, Wah Wah, Distortion, Tape Echo and Spring Reverbs).
  • Drums were recorded separately, each part is available as single track: bass drum, snare drum top, snare drum bottom, hi-hat, ride, crash, toms and stereo overhead.
  • Elastik Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS/StandAlone (Elastik Player included, no sampler required).

60s Psychedelic Rock is available to purchase for 99 EUR.

More information: Ueberschall / 60s Psychedelic Rock