Ueberschall’s latest Elastik soundbank Upright Piano brings vintage performance vibes, ideal for a 60s or 70s pop sound.

Ueberschall Upright Piano

Equally useful for funk, soul, house, hiphop, lounge, ambient or even Latin musical styles, Upright Piano is aimed at producers who want to add the sound of an authentic piano performance to your their production.

While a concert grand has its musical place, there is nothing quite like the sound of a upright piano for classic pop. Upright Piano, which forms part of our Elastik Instrument Series, offers exactly this. The emphasis here is on ‘character’. The performances capture an old-school 60s/70s vibe. In addition, you get the genuine sound of the piano including all those sonic details – the hammer action, the pedals and the subtle tuning imperfections – that make it sound real. With a versatile collection of instantly useable musical phrases, the library delivers the sound of a real upright in a real room.

The library contains over 2GB of sample data and a total of over 800 loops and phrases. Each phrase is presented both dry (without effects) and processed. The processed versions add to the vintage vibe with tape FX, space reverb and echo, analog-style EQ, tape compression and just a hint of noise. This gives the user either instant ‘ready to use’ versions or, by using the dry versions, full control by adding their own processing choices.

The phrases are organized by tempo into folders containing collections of musically related loops. Original recording tempos ranging from 70 to 120 BPM. Loops are generally 4 bars in length and recorded in the major keys of A/E and minor keys a/e. However, with a consistent sound across the entire loop collection, and Elastik’s powerful tempo-matching and ReTune features, it is incredibly easy to mix and match phrases between the different folders and to build a full song-based performance.

Upright Piano includes 812 loops and phrases. The soundbank is available for 49 EUR.

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