Valhalla DSP

Valhalla DSP has released an updated version of ValhallaFreqEcho, a freeware effect plug-in which combines a wide range frequency shifter with an analog style delay.

Bode-style frequency shifter + analog echo emulation = skull melting chaos.

Sonic results range from subtle chorusing and double tracking, to barberpole phasing and flanging, to runaway echos spinning through your skull, to endless glissandos. Perfect for those Dr. Who sounds, dub, and all of your psychedelic needs.

Changes in ValhallaFreqEcho

  • Low Cut and High Cut controls for feedback, for getting a variety of echo sounds.
  • Audio Unit version now available, in addition to VST for PC and OSX.

Planned future development includes a GUI, more controls, and finer tuning abilities.

More information: Valhalla DSP