Vegas Audio, the London based plugin company created by Wilson Goddard, has launched its first product.

Drumslot is a new drum plugin which allows users to randomly create three combinations of different drums.

Built like a slot machine, the plugin features a spin button (which randomly selects different drums), hold (which holds the preferred sample) and nudge (which nudges one down in the selected folder) which help users to create millions of different combinations of sounds. The plugin has over 600 samples built into it and users can also add their own.

The plugin also has a clever feature which is “cut mode”. This allows one to combine the transient, middle and tail of 3 different drums to create a new one, adding to the plugins endless possibilities.

“I built this plugin because rather than programming a pattern on my piano roll and scrolling through different kits on drum machines, I prefer to actually build my drums individually. I was therefore painstakingly dropping in different samples and playing around with them which took ages. I also frequently do the drum layering (cut mode) technique of combining the transient, middle and tail of three different drums and it is very time consuming. I wanted a plugin which did it all for me quickly!”

Drumslot is available for Windows and Mac in VST3 and AU plugin formats. It is on sale for the introduction price of £39.99 GBP / $45 USD from the Vegas Audio store and at distributor ADSR Sounds.