Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna MIR

Vienna Symphonic Orchestra has released version 1.0 r1563 of Vienna MIR, the first ever whole-space mixing solution that puts real-world depth and dimension into the palm of your hand.

After several years of research and development, our groundbreaking mixing and reverberation host, based on Multi-Impulse Response convolution, renders space as the unifying presence that merges every single instrument into one authentic sound experience.

Changes in Vienna MIR v1.0 r1563

  • Features
    • An extension of the Instrument Directivity Filters allows their usage for dry sound as well. This can be enabled for every instrument by the option “Use Directivity Profile for Dry Signal” at the Edit dialog of an instrument. If this option is enabled, the dry signal will be filtered with the Directivity Filter of the direction that points toward the current microphone position. In case of instruments with a very directional radiation pattern (e.g. trumpets), this effect may be very intense. While rotating an instrument artifacts may occur; a solution for this is already in progress.
  • Bug fixes
    • Added a check for the Windows color depth which is performed during start of Vienna MIR; in case of an insufficient value Vienna MIR will not start and show an adequate warning.
    • Revision of path display and selection at the Preferences dialog.
    • Added a check for the soundcard buffer size; Vienna MIR shows a warning in case of inadequate buffer sizes (fixed crashes which happened directly after starting Vienna MIR).
    • Fixed casual deactivation of the first instrument’s mute settings.

More information: Vienna Symphonic Orchestra