Samples From Mars has introduced a new drum sample library with a collection of 560 loops and one shots featuring the Viscount R64, a rare Italian drum machine from 1980.

The sounds of Viscount From Mars capture some of the same punch and vibe of the Lindrum, but with a distinctly more lo-fi twist.

The R64 has the functionality and limitations of a typical rhythm box, but sounds quite different, as it’s sample based rather than analog.

12bit PCM samples, sourced mostly from acoustic percussion, give the Viscount a punchy quality more akin to a Lindrum or Drumulator than a CR78. But unlike these classic EPROM based machines, the Viscount sports analog sounding cymbal samples, giving the unit a unique, hybrid flavor all its own…. Like a lo-fi Lindrum crossed with an 808 🤤.

Viscount From Mars features

  • 320 Viscount loops including Full, Tops, and Stripped.
  • 240 One Shots, with clean, color, and pitch variations.
  • Includes all 64 Factory Loops, in stereo, with additional stripped and tops patterns at various tunings.
  • 150 Repaired (de-noised) loops.
  • 5 pitches for Bass Drum, Snare, Rimshot, Handclap, Agogos, Bongos, Hi Hat, Clave, Cowbell, and Percussion Combos.
  • Loops are stereo with original panning .
  • Round Robin Cymbals at 6 different tone settings.
  • One Shots organized into 5 16x hit kits.
  • 4 Ableton and MIDI Groove files.
  • Recorded though a Radial J-DI, API 1608 console, & Apogee Symphony MKII, and processed with an Overstayer NT-02A, API 2500 Compressor, and API 560 EQ.
  • 100% Hardware processing.

Viscount From Mars is on sale for the intro price of $19 USD for a limited time (regular $29 USD). The sample pack is also included in the All The Samples and All The Drums bundles.

More information: Samples From Mars