VOXX Sound Laboratory

The VOXX Sound Laboratory has released some free Acoustic Drum Samples under the Creative Commons license (Sampling Plus 1.0).

The main goal of Learn To Share (L2S) project is to establish an accessible and free source of acoustic drums samples. This project is the first step in a series of initiatives geared toward creation of a free sample library available to all musicians and composers, beginners and professionals alike.

L2S Project details

  • Acoustic Environment: Dead Room
  • Pre-amps: Tascam
  • Microphones: AKG, Shure, Studio Projects, MXL, Neumann
  • Drums and Cymbals: Yamaha, Sonor, Istambul, Paste, Zildjian
  • Software: Cubase SX3
  • File Format: wav (24bit, 48khz, stereo)

Visit VOXX Sound Laboratory for more information and links to download the free samples.