Waldorf has released the Blofeld Keyboard, a keyboard version of the Blofeld desktop synthesizer module.

Not only on the outside did he gain weight, also his inner qualities have seen a remarkable step-up: besides the virtual-analog synthesis and the classic wavetables it now sports a whopping 60 megabytes of sample memory.

Blofeld Keyboard key features

  • 60 MB Sample memory.
  • Virtual analog, Wavetable and sample-based Oscillators.
  • high-quality semi-weighted keyboard with 49 keys, velocity and aftertouch.
  • internal power supply (100-240V, 50-60Hz).
  • pitchbend wheel.
  • modulation wheel.
  • sustain pedal connector.
  • Octave Up / Down buttons.
  • freely programmable button.
  • sturdy metal enclosure.
  • 7 endless stainless steel dials.
  • graphic display 128 x 64 pixels, b/w, white background LED.
  • more than 1000 Sounds.
  • 3 Oscillators per voice.
  • Frequency Modulation between Oscillators.
  • All Q Oscillator models.
  • All Microwave II/XT/XTk Wavetables.
  • 2 independent multi mode Filters per voice.
  • Filter FM.
  • 2 Drive stages per voice with selectable Drive Curves.
  • 3 fast LFOs per voice.
  • 4 fast Envelopes per voice.
  • powerful Arpeggiator.
  • freely programmable Arpeggiator Pattern with up to 16 Steps per Sound.

Visit Waldorf for more information.