Wallander Instruments has released WIVI Woodwinds, a new instrument collection in the WIVI series, containing a large array of the traditional instruments included in an orchestral woodwind section.


WIVI Woodwinds Flutes

  • Concert Flutes – The Western Concert Flute (C-Flute) is the common Flute of the modern orchestra.
  • Piccolo Flutes – The Piccolo is pitched one octave higher than the Concert Flute, and is the highest pitched instrument in the modern orchestra.
  • Alto Flutes – The Alto Flute is pitched a 4th below the Concert Flute.
  • Bass Flutes – The Bass Flute is pitched a full octave below the Concert Flute.


WIVI Woodwinds Oboes

  • Modern Oboes – The Modern Oboe is the common Oboe of the modern orchestra.
  • Oboe d’Amore – The Oboe d’Amore is pitched a 3rd below the Modern Oboe, and has a darker tone. It is relatively uncommon, and not as well-represented in the orchestral literature as the Oboe or the English Horn.
  • English Horns – The English Horn (Cor Anglais) is pitched a 5th below the Modern Oboe. Its tone is closer to the Oboe d’Amore, but even darker.


WIVI Woodwinds Clarinets

  • A- and Bb-Clarinets – The A-Clarinets and the Bb-Clarinets (standard Clarinets) are pitched only a semitone apart, and are practically treated as interchangeable in the Modern orchestra.
  • Eb-Clarinets – The Eb Sopranino Clarinet is tuned higher than the more common A- and Bb-Clarinet. The Eb-Clarinet is a common member of military bands and Clarinet choirs, but many large modern orchestras also have access to an Eb-Clarinet.
  • Bass Clarinets – The Bass Clarinet is tuned one octave below the Bb-Clarinet.
  • Contrabass Clarinets – The Contrabass Clarinet is tuned two octaves below the Bb-Clarinet. The Contrabass Clarinet is one of the deepest voices of the modern orchestra, but not as common as the Bass Clarinet or the A-/Bb-Clarinet.


WIVI Woodwinds Bassoons

  • Modern Bassoons – The Modern Bassoon is the common Bassoon of the modern orchestra.
  • Contrabassoons – The Contrabassoon is tuned one octave below the Modern Bassoon. Most modern orchestras include a Contrabasson, and it is the deepest (pitched) voice of the modern orchestra.

The price of individual WIVI Woodwinds instruments (Windows VST and Mac AU/VST) ranges between $79 and $129.

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