Splice Sounds has introduced CAPSUN ProAudio’s latest sample collection Wave & Celestial Trap, a fusion of contemporary Trap and Hip-Hop melodics and unique drum samples created by renowned producer Skit.

The pack includes everything from warped vocals, detuned arpeggios and washed out raw guitars to zoned out synths, gliding 808s and saturated pads.

Capsun ProAudio Wave & Celestial Trap

This evocative collection has been hand built, designed and found. Altered sound design and lofi processing provide a nostalgic background to more aggressive pitched and chopped elements. Organic captures provide foley noise, raw character and textures to layer and experiment with. Essential low end includes classic rumbling reeses, saturated 808s and distorted synthetic sub tones.

Over 70 meticulously programmed drum loops feature split layers for versatility – full beats, glitched, kick & snare and hi-hats & percussion. Drum essentials include hard trap kicks and snares, sharp 808 hi-hats and natural stacked claps.

Wave & Celestial Trap has been created exclusively for CPA by London based producer, DJ and sound designer Skit. Know well in the Wave scene, his signature sound is an ambient and experimental take on UK Bass music, Hip-Hop and Future Beats and his personal touch can be heard throughout the pack. He’s established himself with releases on noted labels such as Wavemob, Terrorhythm, Future Beats Records and Yusoul.

Another recent CAPSUN sample pack is Yung Gold: Trap Soul World, featuring zoned out melodic trap, dark 808 love songs and hypnotic soundcloud rap aesthetics.

Capsun ProAudio Yung Gold Trap Soul World

Created by renowned producer and CPA’s lead sound designer Yvng Face, the pack comes with deep sub, lofi loops, reversed textures and trap drums that hit hard.

The 808s set the foundation for this extended collection of melodic loops and one shots. Including chopped grungey guitars, plucked bells and synth arpeggios, half speed keys and lofi chops. Full original compositions have been composed, re-sampled, chopped, re-processed and mangled and then refined to create inspirational samples dripping in unique character. Pitched and screwed rap vocals and melodies can be layered or cut. Plus a selection of fx, transitions and risers.

The drum kit, featuring sharp trap drums and essential perc hits, has been created from scratch. The goal was to produce a trap kit that suits the sound but feels unique. By blending raw recording, synthesis and found sound, the drum hits are hard and heavy but with subtle extra layers. Meticulously programmed drum loops, hi-hat loop layers and percussive loop layers are perfect to build from.

Also available from Splice is Vibrant Lofi & Rainy Beats, a collection that blends the magic of lo-fi sampling and dusty drum machines with raw acoustic instruments and dreamy melodics.

Capsun ProAudio Vibrant LoFi & Rainy Beats

Nostalgic instrumental hip-hop production fused with modern experimental synths, warm 808s, future vocals and fx layers. Open your laptop, mute your cartoons and make a beat as the raindrops hit the window.

Featuring a full stack of drum hits and loops packed with authentic grit, noise and unexpected unique characteristics. Includes solid kicks with hiss, 90’s era dry snares, essential hihats, complex percussive textures and live elements. Add in our rain foley layers, vinyl crackle, tape noise and atmospheric fx to create lofi foundations.

Vibrant Lofi & Rainy Beats takes in the emotive sounds of downtempo hip-hop and youtube lofi with melodics saturated in hiss, soul and classic character. We recorded acoustic guitars, vintage pianos and keys and fuzzy synths for that retro vibe. Discover subtle vocal cuts, chopped cuts and a toolkit of inspiring melodic one shots.

The sample packs and individual sounds are available to Splice Sounds subscribers.

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