Waves Audio has announced an update to the Abbey Road RS124 Compressor, a plugin that precisely models Abbey Road’s ultra-rare RS124 tube compressor.

The plugin that is designed to give your music the sound of silky-smooth Abbey Road RS124 compression now comes with a high-frequency roll off option.

Have you tried the legendary ’60 Beatles compression sound in your mixes yet? Now is the perfect time – we’ve added a new feature: High-frequency roll off.

The original RS124s had a boost around 20 Khz, due to the response of the input transformer, which would then get rolled off when the audio was printed to tape. With the new HF Roll-Off, you can now choose between the brighter and the darker compression tones.

The plugin is on sale at Waves Audio for $39.99 USD for a limited time (regular $199 USD).

Users of the plugin can update for free.