Wavparty has launched a new sample pack based on the Elektron Model:Cycles and FM Eurorack modules. Fall Cycles features a collection of crunchy and lo-fi sounds that are perfect for fall.

Wavparty Fall Cycles

This new sample pack is loaded with crunchy, crispy, and lo-fi sounds from the Elektron Model:Cycles and some FM Eurorack friends: Akemie’s Taiko, Neuron, and BIA.

There are some clean sounds directly from the sources, some layered sounds, and lots of Eurorack filtering/processing.

Fall Cycles features

  • Ableton pack with 12 instruments.
  • 34 loops.
  • 48 kick drums (33 of them tuned to C).
  • 43 synth sounds (tuned to C).
  • 35 snares.
  • 34 percussion sounds.
  • 20 cymbals.
  • 3 claps.

The pack costs 10 USD.

More information: Wavparty