Wusikstation V4

Wusik has released version 4.6.0 of Wusikstation, a hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler for Windows PC.

Changes in Wusikstation v4.6.0

  • New quality options: Over-Sampled x2, x4 and x16.
    This will over-sampled only the Sample-Playback engine, not the entire synth. By over-sampling you will remove any aliasing artifacts and improve sound quality without raising CPU usage too much. (for the x2 and x4 options, x16 will raise CPU usage considerably) When switching the quality, ALL instances will follow the new chosen quality.
  • New modulation destination: Layers crossfade.
    It will crossfade layers from O1 to W2. You can adjust Min and Max in the modulation matrix to have it crossfade only the layers you want. (EG: set to Min 50 and Max 100, and it will crossfade from layer O3 to W1)
  • Fixed: a problem with disk-streaming on mono patches.
  • Fixed: some problems related to reading and saving wIni files.

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