XLN Audio has partnered with leading music production platform Splice to make one of its most popular production tools available at a more musician-friendly price point for the first time.

XLN’s RC-20 Retro Color is now available to producers for the introductory rate of $4.99 USD/month (for 20 months) through Splice Rent-to-Own, a unique, musician-friendly distribution model that makes world-class production tools more financially accessible.

“We’ve seen RC-20 Retro Color quickly become an essential part of the workflow for so many music producers. We’re proud to offer this powerful tool to producers on any budget through Rent-to-Own” says Steve Martocci, Splice co-founder and CEO.

“As it’s the perfect solution to quickly add life and color to one-shot samples and loops, we are thrilled to release RC-20 Retro Color through Rent-to-Own to the Splice community,” adds XLN Audio CEO and co-founder Niklas Möller.

RC-20 Retro Color is a creative effect plugin that adds life and texture to any recording. It has become a staple for a new generation of producers and musicians worldwide for its ability to recreate the warm, cozy feeling of vintage recording equipment, while still syncing perfectly with any modern production setting.

RC-20’s six unique FX modules can replicate everything from vinyl records to VHS machines, adding noise, wobble and dropouts to a track. Its raw distortion and crunchy bit reduction will add grit to bass and drums. The Space and chorus effects can make guitars sing like never before, and the filtering effects fit right into the most modern club track.

More information: Splice