Z3 Audiolabs has released version 2.0 of Dizztroy, a completely rewrite of the distortion effect plugin for Windows.

Z3 Audiolabs Dizztroy 2

Dizztroy 2 is a bitcrush / overdrive / distortion vst effect plugin which is made for soft and heavy audio distortion. It is perfect to blow up your drumloops or leadsynths, making badass hardcore kicks, or completely destroy your signal to sound like a broken fm radio.

Changes in Dizztroy v2.0

  • New multi-segment envelope generator.
  • Overworked envelope follower with with delay and peak-filter for better tracking of the envelope.
  • New and more flexible modulation routing.
  • Drive algorithms and wave shaper got more parameters and filters now.
  • Totally revised user interface and design.
  • Deep performance optimizations.
  • New noise and AC Hum generators.

Dizztroy is available for purchase for 34.90 EUR. Until January 10th, a 30% discount is available on all Z3 Audiolabs products by using the promo code happyxmas at checkout.

More information: Z3 Audiolabs / Dizztroy