Zenhiser 1989 Drum Beats

Zenhiser has announced the release of 1989 Drum Beats, a collection of 296 drum loops from the 80’s.

Every year in the 80’s delivers a wealth of drum beat style and 1989 was the year the 80’s went out with a bang! Capturing the essence and style of all the main pop & clubbing hits from 1989 this eighties drum beats packs is an outstanding archive of what was great in the music of the 80’s.

Ranging from slow sublime beats through to rapid clubbing floor fillers makes the 1980’s series a must for any producer looking to inject some retro flavour into their productions. Honestly it doesn’t get any better than these 80s drum beats and no one delivers such a massive array of 80’s sounds as Zenhiser. We love all you 80’s freaks!

The sample pack costs $25 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / 1989 Drum Beats