Zenhiser has released new sample packs in the Dirty IDM Glitch Beats and Twisted Tech Grooves series.

Zenhiser Dirty IDM Glitch Beats
Who Needs 130 Funked Up, Chopped, Dirty IDM Glitch Beats?

Every once in a while a collection of experimental thought provoking samples hit the Zenhiser shelves, and we get super excited about them. ‘Dirty IDM Glitch Beats’ is a malfunctioning digital delivery of drum beats that explores new IDM realms. These glitch drum beats are simply awesome! Loads of cuts, clicks, tweaks, glitches and circuit bending programming makes these drum beats a huge jump above the rest.

The programming within every part of the glitch beats has been painstakingly crafted, nurtured and evolved to ensure these idm glitch drum beats will create cut rhythms you simply haven’t heard before.

‘Dirty IDM Glitch Beats’ is a sonic tapestry of the finest glitch beats to date and ready to be dropped into any Breaks, IDM, Hip Hop, Minimal Glitch, Oceanic Glitch or break derived conception.

Zenhiser Twisted Tech Grooves
The Twisted Tech Grooves Keep On Coming!

‘Twisted Tech Grooves’ is a new series from Zenhiser expanding on the worldwide sound of Minimal, Tech & Tech House. Designed and crafted to push the boundaries of minimal & tech beats, these essential minimal tech grooves drop perfectly into any mix and add both warmth and quality to your evolving music productions.

The ‘Twisted Tech Grooves’ series is packed with tight snappy grooves, delicate tech beats, percussive rhythms and rugged dynamic movements. To put it simply, if you produce or remix minimal, tech or tech house then ‘Twisted Tech Grooves’ is absolutely essential if you want to lift your game.

Zenhiser 20% discount
Zenhiser has also announced a September Special Offer:

It’s special offer month here at Zenhiser.com and we’re giving all our customers 20% off all our Drum Kits in September. That’s right 20% off the whole range including Ultra Club Masters Kit, Nu Disco Fundamentals Kit, the african and asian kits and even our best seller Ultra Minimal Tech House Kit.

Simply add the coupon code: ZCC0909DK upon checkout. The offer is only for this month so cash in while the offer’s hot.

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