ZenSound has announced the release of Becrux, a free collection of 60 patches for the TyrellN6 software synthesizer by u-he (also free).

ZenSound Becrux for u he TyrellN6

Becrux is full of distorted, grainy, unstable and detuned analog sounds — rough and experimental just like TyrellN6.

This soundset all about dark and cinematic sounds, inspired by the music of John Carpenter, Trent Reznor and S U R V I V E.

Formed by raw analog basses, dystopian pads, distorted powerful leads, going out of tune synths and keys, all the sounds of this soundset are noisy and slightly erratic which makes of Becrux the perfect soundset for dark electronica and darkwave projects.

Becrux is available for download at any price you like, including free.

More information: ZenSound