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123creative releases Apple Emagic Logic ES2 volume 2 & Virtual Solid Bass

Mystery Islands Logic ES2 Vol 2

123creative has announced the release of the Apple Emagic Logic ES2 volume 2 soundset by Mystery Islands and the Virtual Solid Bass sample pack.

While this sound bank is primarily aimed at Trance, is well suited for any kind of electronic dance music creations. Analog characteristics have been applied with LFO’s, filters, drive and FM functions to make this bank stand out from the rest of the ES2 soundsets out there. The suitable partner for Volume 1 in this series.

New Synth bank combine thrilling leads, monstrous basses and lush pads to give you the most up-to-date sounds for the latest dance genres. Each preset has been carefully programmed for the best sound quality.

The Logic ES2 Vol 2 soundset costs 14.95 EUR.

123creative Virtual Solid Bass

The Virtual Solid Bass sample pack includes 350 bass samples.

This soundbank is suitable for IDM, dustep, breakbeat, psytrance, dub, drum and bass… Samples made thru Clavia Nord rack, Roland JP-8080, Logic and Cubase.

The package includes Digital Emulator folder with software synthetized samples and Virtual Analog folder with hardware synthetized samples.

The Virtual Solid Bass sample pack costs 18.90 EUR, with an introductory price of 14.17 EUR.

More information: 123creative releases Psytrance Bass X1 synthesizer plugin

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123creative Psytrance Bass X1 has announced the release of the Psytrance Bass X1, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Many producers were always curious how to create normal sounding psytrance/trance bass and were searching for various “magic” tutorials „how to create good psytrance bass“ using equalizers, compressors and special effects, because most of virtual analog/subtractive synthesizers produce unwanted clicks, they are having various phase and toning variations/instability and simply fast bassline sounds like from damaged jukebox.

Psytrance Bass X1 is bassline synthesizer that allows you to create perfect sounding bass within one minute. While very simple synthesizer, it allows you to create hundreds of different sounding basslines thanks to 4 oscillators, phase knob, osc saturation, 4 different low pass filters and more.

Psytrance Bass X1 features

  • Bassline oscillator (Analog saw, Digital saw, Analog ramp, Digital ramp, Digital square) that works in poly and mono mode.
  • Osc phase knob.
  • Osc saturation knob.
  • 4 low pass filters (German low pass, Low pass (standard), Vintage analog low pass, 303 low pass) with cutoff and resonance (q) knob.
  • Amp and Filter envelope.
  • Output circuit with saturation module.
  • 30 fine tuned bassline presets.

The plug-in (Windows VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of 9.90 EUR (regular 16.90 EUR).

More information: 123creative / Psytrance Bass X1

123Creative introduces Veldberg XD synth plugin

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123Creative, in collaboration with German developer Kastelheimer, has announced Veldberg XD, a virtual synthesizer instrument based on algorithms from real VA synthesizers.

Wide sound possibilities: from classic massive analog to experimental and innovative digital sounds. Thanks to 3 oscillators (every oscillator has more than 28 waveforms), 8 liquid analog modeled filters, 3 envelopes, FM and FM micro controls, Phase control of every osc, 2 LFOs (with special waveshapes) Effect unit and Modulation matrix Veldberg XD offer wide range of various sound styles for almost every music production.

Kastelheimer Veldberg XD
Kastelheimer Veldberg XD synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Veldberg XD features

  • OSC signal routing / mixing in various modes: (Standard, Synchronizer, Hernsht1, Hernsht 2, RingMod).
  • HyperTWIST technology – for experimental/FX sounds.
  • Klangcharakter – If turned off, synthesizer sound similar to basic soft synthesizers (thin, basic / weak sound) if turned ON expect heavy, bass, massive hardware/analog sound on low frequencies and sharp / strong sound on high frequencies.

Veldberg XD will be released April 15th, 2013, with an introductory price of 29 EUR for the first 100 customers (regular 44 EUR).

More information: 123Creative / Veldberg XD

123Creative announces Didgeridrone plug-in by G-Sonique

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G-Sonique Didgeridrone

123Creative has announced the release of Didgeridrone, an effect plug-in by G-Sonique.

Didgeridrone is new effect designed by engineers from G-Sonique digital instruments which can create realistic didgeridoo sound based on rhythm and amplitude of input sound/music.

Didgeridrone features

  • Didgeridrone engine – special algorithm simulating real didgeridoo play – rhythm, melody, amount and style of didgeridoo sound is exactly based on input sound/music, rhythm and melody.
  • Liquid tone – by this knob you can create more liquid and percussive sound of didgeridoo (left) or more smooth, open and prolonged sound of didgeridoo.
  • Resonant tone – By this knob you can boost resonant tones of didgeridoo (turn right). If you would like to create liquid, percussive sound turn Liquid tone to left and Resonant tone to right.
  • Jungle echo – Would you like to create more mysterious jungle/shamanic atmosphere? Turn this knob.
  • Dry/Wet – Turn this knob to set ratio between Dry (original) sound and Wet (Didgeridrone sound).

Didgeridrone for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of 9.90 EUR.

More information: 123creative / Didgeridrone

123creative releases FX Samplepack for dance music production

123creative FX Samplepack

123creative has announced FX Samplepack, a sample library in collaboration with G-Sonique.

More than 200 FX (effects) sounds / FX samples for every music style production, from electrohouse, psytrance, progressive trance, drum and bass, electro to various experimental styles.

From fresh and positive dance FXs to mysterious and dark FX sounds from outer space.

Do not waste your productive time with fine tuning FXs from your synths when you can use professional pre-designed FXs and kick-up the dance floor with them.

You can additionally combine/layer individual samples and apply VST effects to create new and unique sounding effects.

The sample pack is available for the introductory price of 12.90 EUR (regular 14.90 EUR).

More information: 123creative / FX Samplepack

123creative intros Dreamscape for Massive

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123creative Dreamscape

123creative has announced the release of Dreamscape, a soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Dreamscape contains 148 presets ranging from lush and smooth pads to dirty screaming basses and otherworldly plucks and atmospheres. The set consists out of 71 main presets and 77 variations, these variations have different macro knob settings mostly resulting in radically different sounds.

It’s highly usable for a wide range of music styles including: ambient, chill out, lounge, filmscore, electronica or even dance, trance, house and dubstep.

All presets have all 8 macro knobs assigned to the most useful parameters, allowing you to completely shape the sounds to your liking with very little effort.

The soundset costs 12.95 EUR.

More information: 123creative / Dreamscape

123creative intros Sylenth1 Sizzlers & Inspirations ReFill

123creative has announced the release of the Sylenth1 Sizzlers soundset and the Inspirations ReFill for Propellerhead Reason.

Sylenth1 Sizzlers

‘Sylenth 1 Sizzlers’ is our first soundset for Lennar Digital’s Sylenth1. This collection contains 64 presets for harder styles like Hard Techno, Electro, Hardstyle, Dubstyle, Hard Trance, Hardcore, and any genre that can use fat synth leads and extra deep bass. ‘Sylenth 1 Sizzlers’ was designed with electronic music producers in mind.

It features 64 single patches and one bank for the harder styles and will also be useful for other genres. In this pack you will find modern saw leads, hard bass, plucks, sizzling leads for building up nice melodies, some very lush pads and various FXs.

Inspirations ReFill

The INSPIRATIONS ReFill contains the originally designed Combinator patches that produce a vast range of different synthesizer sounds. The core of the patches are internal Reason devices – SubTractor, Malstrom and Effects.

The 64 Combinator patches are divided into the four categories – Keys & Synths, Leads, Mods and FX. All eight Combinator controls + modulation wheel in every patch are programmed. This gives you a total control of the most used and effective parameters of the sound. Due to this programmed controls, the timbre can be shaped drastically.

The Sylenth1 Sizzlers soundset costs 18.90 EUR. The Inspirations ReFill is 23.90 EUR. A 25% discount is available on the ReFill for a limited time.

More information: 123creative releases Sylenth1 – Modern Club Sound

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123creative Sylenth1 Modern Club Sound has announced the release of the Sylenth1 – Modern Club Sound soundset for LennarDigital’s Sylenth1 software synthesizer.

MODERN CLUB SOUND preset bank is collection of 60 (+ 23 bonus) precisely tuned presets for electro music production. New soundbank for Lennar digital Sylenth1 includes some of the hardest basses for Electro and complextro. Many plucks for all around dance, Dubstep wobble basses, Dirty dutch, Big supersaw synth, Epic pads and massive leads…

This is not one of these soundbanks full of cheap FX sounds and filter sounds instead these are all ready to use proffesional sounds for out-of box use.

Sylenth1 – Modern Club Sound features

  • Includes: club sound, hardest basses for electro and complextro, dance plucks, dubstep wobble basses, dirty dutch, big supersaw synth, epic pads and massive leads…
  • File format: .fxb bank, (+ .fxp bonus presets).
  • Requirements: Lennar Digital Sylenth1 – 2.0.
  • Total: 60 presets (+23 bonus presets).

The soundset is available to purchase for 12.90 EUR.

More information: 123creative / Sylenth1 – Modern Club Sound