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Emerge Audio releases Hip-Hop Fundamentals for BeatMaker 2

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Emerge Audio Hip-Hop Fundamentals

Emerge Audio has announced the release of Hip-Hop Fundamentals, a new sample library for the BeatMaker 2 app for iOS by Intua.

Hip-Hop Fundamentals is a soundset of 100 synth keyboard instruments (more than 500 MB of samples).

Deep basses, beautiful pads, cutting leads, plucks and other patches are all a part of this set perfect for urban music.

Hip-Hop Fundamentals features

  • 100 high quality keyboard instruments (basses, keyboards, pads, pluck, leads, etc).
  • 535MB of sounds (more than 1,200 samples in total).
  • All samples are high quality, looped without any pops and clicks.
  • Stereo samples are used where applicable, with up to 4 layers.
  • Many instruments use BeatMaker’s synth editor, for example pads utilize amp envelope and filter envelope – so you can set attack from 0ms to very long.
  • Instant download.

The sample library is available to purchase for $4.49 USD until February 19th, 2014 (regular $5.99 USD).

More information: Emerge Audio / Hip-Hop Fundamentals


Emerge Audio releases Dubstep Destruction for BeatMaker 2

Emerge Audio Dubstep Destruction

Emerge Audio has launched Dubstep Destruction, a sound pack for the BeatMaker 2 app by Intua.

Dubstep destruction is a premium soundset of 50 keyboard instruments and 20 modern drum kits. Included in the pack are a large number of dirty and agressive modulation wobbles, growls, fxs, distorted basses, plucks, leads and pads.

These presets were created with maximum “tweakability” and flexibility in mind. Therefore wobbles are tempo-controled by Lfo speed, pads and leads attack and release can be easily set from 0ms to maximum.
In addition You can also find 20 drum kits for modern music genres.

Dubstep Destruction features

  • 50 high quality keyboard instruments (wobbles, basses, growls, sfx, pads, pluck, leads).
  • 20 drum kits (for dubstep, drum and bass, electronica, progressive trance and other styles).
  • 2 extras patches (low layers) for adding wobbles low frequencies, among drum kits You can find 2 kits with special effects (untuned) and one with wooshes.
  • All samples are high quality, looped without any pops and clicks giving about 260MB of sounds (more than 700 samples in total).

The soundset is available to purchase from the Beatmaker in-app store, priced at $5.99 USD.

More information: Emerge Audio / Dubstep Destruction


Intua updates BeatMaker 2 for iOS to v2.5

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Intua BeatMaker 2

Intua has updated its BeatMaker 2 music workstation app for iOS to version 2.5.

BeatMaker 2: the most advanced mobile music workstation.

Combining music production tools that were behind the success of countless artists, BeatMaker 2 is a powerful, easy-to-use composition interface for amateurs and professionals alike.

Changes in BeatMaker v2.5

  • Compatible with Apple iOS Inter-App Audio (iOS7 only, iPhone+iPad).
  • Compatible with iOS 7 on all devices (fix the graphic glitch on iPhone 5S).
  • INTUA Sound Store for getting new kits and sound banks.
  • New effect: Stereo delay.
  • MIDI note learn on drum machine: configure each drum sampler exactly like your MIDI controller.
  • MIDI Clock and MIDI transport messages improved.
  • Quick MIDI CC touch’n’learn on instruments, mixer and effects controls.
  • Every instrument will listen on MIDI Channel #1 by default.
  • Take-over mode for reading back sequencer automations.
  • Looping will no longer reset automations.
  • OMNI disabled by default.
  • MIDI Clock messages are sent by default.
  • Auto-saved sessions (“Last Session”) now saved with project name, in a special directory “Auto-saved Sessions”.
  • MIDI configuration templates will now save custom note mapping.
  • GM Drum mapping mode in Drum Machine MIDI configuration panel.
  • Note length can be edited directly on the pattern editor.
  • Missing samples will still be displayed on pads and keyboard mapping editor for easier recovery (prefixed with a cross).
  • Update to Audiobus SDK 1.0.2.
  • Other fixes and enhancements.

BeatMaker 2 for iOS costs $19.99 USD.

More information: Intua / BeatMaker 2


Sunsine Audio intros Waveshaper Plasticid MkII for iOS

Sunsine Audio Plasticid MkII

Sunsine Audio has announced it has converted Waveshaper’s Plasticid MkII sample library for use with iOS.

The Boss DR-110 is a cute little drum machine from the early 80s, the last analogue one made by Roland. 
The overall sound is very reminiscent to the much praised TR-808 and TR-606. The DR-110 will give you that classic, sought-after sound but with some slight difference and much character. 

Plasticid MkII takes this sample pack one step further, with 120 new samples gathered in 18 kits. This new version aims at coloration and expands the sonic palette of the DR-110, processing it using vintage hardware to shape it up nicely. The cymbals are spitting, the bassdrum is kicking, and the snare and claps tones ranging from dark to bright make each kit acting like a rebirth for the mighty DR-110! Great care has been taken about recording a semi open hat sample for even more expression.

Converted and exclusively available for iOS use (Nanostudio and Beatmaker 2) from Sunsine Audio.

Plasticid MkII for iOS features

  • 120 One Hit Samples.
  • 18 Kits.
  • 18 .bmkz files for Beatmaker 2.
  • 18 .trg files for Nanostudio.
  • Easy Installation Instructions.

Plasticid MkII for iOS is available to purchase for $3.40 USD. The original Wav edition is available from Waveshaper.

More information: Sunsine Audio / Plasticid MkII


Sunsine Audio releases STIX 305 for Beatmaker 2 & Nanostudio

Sunsine Audio STIX 305

Sunsine Audio has announced the release of STIX 305, the first in a series of “converted” Beatmaker 2 and Nanostudio versions of Waveshaper drum kits and samples.

The SoundMaster Stix 305 is a very rare analogue drum machine from the early eighties. You get both the cheesy, mellow sound of the psychedelic 70s, plus the acid hats of the 80s !

This WaveShaper sample pack is a quite unique occasion to meet this very little known and lovely beat box. Your tracks will get a great retro sound, whether you are an electronic funk producer, and acid freak or a true analogue sound lover.

The Stix305 was recorded using some tube preamp and compressor and a vintage eq on top of it to keep the analogue vibe on the full recording chain. As the Stix305 features few sounds, I recorded them at various compression, gain and eq settings and made several takes of each sound in order to get some subtle variations that your round-robin soft sampler will love for sure! There are also a dozen of loops plus a more punchy kit, processed using some strong tube distortion.

STIX 305 for iOS features

  • 43 One Hit Samples.
  • 3 Kits (Clean, Alt, Distorted).
  • 3 .bmkz files for Beatmaker 2 .
  • 3 .trg files for Nanostudio.
  • 13 Bonus loops in .wav format.
  • Easy Installation Instructions.
  • Note: Requires Beatmaker 2 or Nanostudio, not included.

The converted STIX 305 pack for iOS (Nanostudio and Beatmaker 2) is available to purchase for $2.90 USD. The original wav sample pack is available from Waveshaper.

More information: Sunsine Audio / STIX 305


Intua updates BeatMaker app to v2.4

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Intua BeatMaker

Intua has released version 2.4 of the BeatMaker music app for iOS.

Combining music production tools that were behind the success of countless artists, BeatMaker 2 is a powerful, easy-to-use composition interface for amateurs and professionals alike.

Changes in BeatMaker v2.4

  • Stereo bus recording on audio tracks.
  • Four audio sends available per mixer tracks.
  • New 6-band parametric equalizer (LPF, low shelf, band-pass, peak, notch, high shelf, HPF).
  • New side-chain option in compressor effect.
  • Double-tapping track handles in sequencer brings instrument/audio track configuration.
  • iPhone 5 compatibility.
  • UI and engine improvements.
  • Time-stretch and pitch-shift quality/settings have been improved.
  • Ability to zoom vertically in the sequencer.
  • Faster graphic rendering on iPad 3 with iOS 6.x installed.
  • Improve virtual MIDI.
  • Updated Dropbox SDK to 1.3.2.
  • Fix a bug in empty keyboard sampler when LFO settings were changed.
  • Dropbox will now work when background mode is disabled.
  • Fix file transfer lock issue on iOS 6.
  • Fix handling of incoming “packed” MIDI data (Genome MIDI sequencer, etc.)

The app is available to purchase for $19.99 USD.

More information: Intua / BeatMaker


VirSyn releases Addictive microSynth for iPhone/iPod

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VirSyn has announced Addictive microSynth, a music app for iPhone/iPod which combines the synthesis power of Addictive Synth with an easy to use 4 track loop phrase recorder.

VirSyn Addictive microSynth

It was never so easy to create beautiful sounds and driving loops. The unique dynamic wavetable synthesis allows you to explore an unprecedented wide range of sonic territory. From acid loops, crystal clear percussions, realistic human choirs to complex musical sound scapes nothing seems impossible with only a handful parameters to tweak.

Together with the intelligent randomizer for both sounds and arpeggios you will loose any sense of time and space while exploring unknown sonic territories. Right from the beginning you’ll understand why it’s named Addictive.

Addictive microSynth features

  • 4 Track Loop Recorder
    • Live recording/playback of phrases divided in up to 4 tracks with unlimited overdubbing.
    • Mute/Solo for each track.
    • Paste loops from other music Apps in one of the 4 tracks.
    • Loop length can be set from one to eight bars.
  • Dynamic wavetable synthesizer
    • Six dynamic wavetable oscillators per voice, up to 48 total.
    • Continous morphing between two oscillator sets.
    • Realtime editing of up to 128 partials (overtones).
    • Realtime editing of filter structure to create arbitrary body resonances.
    • Extensive modulation possibilities using up to 4 LFOs and 4 Envelopes.
    • Control matrix allows real time control of five parameters using using MIDI Breath and Footcontroller, the modulation wheel and the tilt sensors of the iPad.
    • Monophonic or polyphonic with 4 voices. ( 2 voices on older devices )
    • 128 factory presets, unlimited user presets can be shared.
    • Up to three effects concurrently usable selected from: equalizer, phaser, flanger, chorus and stereo/cross delay.
  • Live
    • Play melodies live with the onscreen keyboard. Drag fingers for slides and vibrato.
    • Optionally use CoreMIDI* compatible hardware keyboard.
    • Musical scale setting makes for easy playing.
  • Full featured programmable Arpeggiator
    • Uses programmable sequences with up to 32 steps.
    • Can trigger single notes and chords.
    • Unique randomizer generates Arpeggios with 100% usability.
    • 32 Arpeggios included, unlimited useer arpeggios possible.
    • For each step you can program tie, accent, transposition and note order.
  • Global
    • Export loops as audio and midi files.
    • Audio pasteboard. Copy audio recordings to Clipboard for use with other Apps (e.g. Intua BeatMaker and many others)
    • Exchange user presets with File Sharing in iTunes.

Addictive microSynth is available to purchase for $2.99 USD.

More information: VirSyn / Addictive microSynth