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BOLDER Sounds releases free Toy Piano

BOLDER Sounds Toy Piano

BOLDER Sounds has released Toy Piano, a free instrument for Kontakt and EXS24.

Here is a lovely 2 octave toy piano which is chromatically sampled in stereo at 24 bits with plenty of tonal character to spare. Key release sounds have also been sampled for each key and can be controlled via your modulation wheel (cc#1) . Various filter settings are also routed to your mod wheel for EQ flexibility.

A very special thank you to my friend Hannah here in Boulder for being generous enough to share her piano with everyone!

The Toy Piano (34MB unzipped) can be downloaded from the BOLDER Sounds webshop (free, but you need to register for an account to download it).

Visit BOLDER Sounds for more information.

BOLDER Sounds releases B.O.B. Early Music Instruments, B.O.B. Fortepiano Full Edition and Medieval Psaltery

Boulder Sounds B.O.B. Early Music Instruments

BOLDER Sounds has released B.O.B. Early Music Instruments and B.O.B. Fortepiano Full Edition, two sample libraries.

B.O.B. Early Music Instruments is a collection of instruments spanning from the hurdy gurdy of the medieval period to fortepiano of the early classical period.

B.O.B. Early Music Instruments features

  • 13 course Baroque Lute 42.3 mb
  • Fortepiano 53.5mb
  • Harpsichord (numerous stops recorded) 20 mb
  • Hurdy Gurdy 10.5 mb
  • Renaissance Guitar 6.1 mb
  • Renaissance Lute 11 mb
  • Theorbo (bass lute) 62 mb (EXS & Kontakt only)

B.O.B. Early Music Instruments is available in Kontakt 2, EXS24 and Giga 2 formats for $29.95 USD.

B.O.B. Fortepiano Full Edition is the same Fortepiano included in the B.O.B. Early Music library, yet this version has 4 chromatically sampled velocity layers (p, mf, f, ff) as well as key release samples giving much wider velocity and timberal range.

B.O.B. Fortepiano Full Edition is available for Kontakt 2 and EXS24 for $19.95 USD.

Boulder Sounds Medievel Psaltery

Boulder Sounds has also released the free Medieval Psaltery.

This is an old Medieval Psaltery which I purchased used in a local music store and has been residing in my music studio for a number of years now just collecting dust. It’s sound has a wonderful stark-rustic quality.

Typically this instrument would have been played with a very short bow. However I used a modern
violin bow, and kept the strokes short. It is only possible to play one not at a time on this instrument, so you might keep that in mind when using it in a traditional context.

I also recently experimented with this instrument being played with an Ebow (energy bow) with some very interesting results. Perhaps I’ll save that for a later Bolder FREE Sounds posting.

The Medieval Psaltery is available as a free download for Kontakt and EXS24. You’ll need to create an account (free) to download the free sounds.

Visit Bolder Sounds for more information.

BOLDER Sounds releases DIY Music Box

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BOLDER Sounds DIY Music Box

BOLDER Sounds has released DIY Music Box, a free sound library featuring a DIY music box.

This Bolder FREE Sound features a D.I.Y. (do it yourself) music box mechanism was sampled mounted to a beautiful 4 string alto guitar acting as a resonator. The D.I.Y. mechanism has a 2 octave diatonic range in the key of Ab, all 15 pitches were sampled.

A second music box mechanism was used to create layers which can be controlled via velocity or the modulation wheel. Each of the individual music box mechanisms are also presented as instruments unto themselves.

DIY Music Box is available in Kontakt 2 and EXS24 formats.

Visit BOLDER Sounds for more information.

BOLDER Sounds releases BOB American Folk, Granular Conch Shells and Tibetan Granular Textures

BOLDER Sounds BOB American Folk

BOLDER Sounds has released three new sample libraries: BOB American Folk, Granular Conch Shells and Tibetan Granular Textures.

BOB American Folk is a unique collection of American folk instruments from the plucked family, also featuring the entire mandolin family. From garden variety instruments to the unusual hammered dulcimer family Marxophone. This 146 MB set is available in Kontakt, EXS24 and GigaStudio formats for $19.95 USD.

Granular Conch Shells is a collection of 5 different sampled conch shells.

The use of granular synthesis here is in stretching the original samples time duration. This creates a lovely and breathy pad sound. By sampling different size conch shells, different tone colors as well as pitches become available.

The Granular Conch Shells sample library is available in Kontakt and EXS24 formats for $19.95 USD.

Tibetian Granular Textures is a free sample set of granular soundscapes created from Bolder’s Tibetan Singing Bowl library. It features 23 megabytes of moody-metallic granular processing – great for sound track work.

BOLDER Sounds is currently having a summer sale. All products have a discount of 25% until August 1st, so these new libraries cost $14.96 instead of $19.95 USD.

Visit BOLDER Sounds for more information and audio demos, and a link to download the free Tibetian Granular Textures.

BOLDER Sounds releases Button Accordion for Kontakt and EXS24

BOLDER Sounds Button Accordion

BOLDER Sounds has released Button Accordion, a free sampled instrument for Kontakt and EXS24.

The button accordion was multi sampled approximately in minor 3rds. In the photo you see the 2 rows of the melodic buttons (21 of them) and on the bottom you see a set of buttons which create octaves as well as other intervals. Two different notes are produced for each button depending on whether you are moving the bellows in or out (much like a harmonica).

The samples are in 16 bit stereo format (dithered from 24 bit), and the entire sample set is about 25 megabytes.

Download this and other great freebies for Kontakt and EXS from BOLDER Sounds.

Check this Kontakt freebies list for more free instruments for Kontakt.

BOLDER Sounds releases Tibetian Singing Bowls

BOLDER Sounds Tibetian Singing Bowls

BOLDER Sounds has released Tibetian Singing Bowls, a 760MB sample library featuring the sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

The bowls were struck by a number of items for a wide selection of tone colors. Also included are a few bonus Tingsha Bell samples. The Singing Bowls were “played” hit and also sustained. The sustained samples are what people refer to as “singing” bowls. This sound is created by running the puja stick along the rim of the bowl, similar to the way you can run a wet finger along the edge of a crystal glass and make it “sing”.

Tibetian Singing Bowls features

  • 6 Tibetan Singing Bowls, 5.75 to 9.5 inches in diameter.
  • 760 MB of 24 bit stereo samples.
  • Articulations – Hits, Sustains and Sustain Releases.
  • Hit samples are organized in to BRIGHT and SOFT categories.
  • NI Kontakt 2 and Apple EXS24 formats

Tibetian Singing Bowls is available for $79.95 USD.

A free demo (20MB, 16-bit samples) is available for download here.

Visit BOLDER Sounds for more information and audio demos.

BOLDER Sounds releases BOB Granular Selections (and free Granular Kitchen)

BOLDER Sounds BOB Granular Selections

BOLDER Sounds has released BOB Granular Selections, a sample collection of granular synthesis sounds.

While other forms of synthesis are prevalent in nearly everything we hear these days, Granular, with its ground-breaking algorithms and outlandish DSP capabilties, offers the musician/producer a galactic palette of sounds not previously available.

BOB Granular Selections features

  • Selected sound sets from the 600 mb CD ROM Granular Collection.
  • Categories included are Metallic, Loops & Hits, Modal Soundscapes, Pads and Abstract Soundscapes.
  • Formats: GigaStudio 2, KONTAKT 2, Logic Pro EXS24.

BOB Granular Selections is available for $39.95 USD.

Granular Kitchen is a free sound set, featuring some very ordinary kitchen utensils to create atmospheric sounds with a metallic-wintery flavor.

They include a drain cover, a small pot, a pot top (called pot cover) the top part of a wok, a big spatula used for barbecuing and the bottom portion of a steaming pot.

Visit BOLDER Sounds for more information, audio demos and a link to download Granular Kitchen.