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Ueberschall releases Bollywood Pop sound library

Ueberschall has introduced Bollywood Pop, a sound library by Kamran Tatar (A-tee) for Indian pop music production.

Ueberschall Bollywood Pop

This library is a true reflection of the music that accumulates today’s contemporary Bollywood sound tracks. The library is engineered with factual high-end technical standards, which accomplishes all quality demands for high fidelity productions of the western music.

The bollywood movies are globally identified as the worlds leading drama and romance based scenario scripts, which are traditionally accompanied by spectacular sound tracks that lift up the viewers experience to a higher level. The inimitable soprano lines of the adorable Hindi female vocal artists, singing duet love lines with romantic sounding male vocalists. The high pitched string lines, the rare instruments that are never heard anywhere near your neighbourhood, gliding up and down in eight/note scales crying out romance and obsession, percussion works that inevitably inspires and impacts the worlds pop-music.

Bollywood Pop features

  • All recorded content is performed by dexterous Indian musicians, and adroit vocal artists, representing the deepest traditions of the Bollywood’s, yet at the same time featuring styles that deliver a unique combination of urban, hip-hop, rnb, dance and reggaeton lines crammed into bollywood movie themes.
  • 3.48 GB with 20 appealing construction kits with more than 1462 loops.
  • Includes vocal lines, vocals, rap phrases and allaps, Indian strings, solo violins, sitar, sarod, sarangi, flute, Indian flute, santur, harmunium, tumbi , mandolin, veena, dilruba, tabla, dhol, dholak, thad and rare percussions altogether combined with western beats and backlines with contemporary Urban/PoP themes.
  • Powered by Elastik II engine for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone).

Bollywood Pop is available to purchase for €99 EUR.

More information: Ueberschall / Bollywood Pop


Producer Loops Kings of Bhangra Vol 2, construction sets by Gaurav Dayal

Producer Loops Kings of Bhangra Vol 2

Producer Loops has announced the release of Kings of Bhangra Vol 2, a new volume in the sample library series from award-winning soundtrack composer and producer Gaurav Dayal.

This pack features a choice of ACID WAV, Apple Loops, REX and ReFill formats. From the producer of the immense ‘Classic Bollywood’ sample library, comes ‘Kings of Bhangra Vol 2′, a multi-format collection of 5 Construction Kits fusing traditional Indian musical elements with contemporary Bhangra and urban styles.

Suitable for everything from Bollywood soundtracks, right through to contemporary Western pop with a world music vibe, this pack is essential for the producer seeking to add authentic Indian spice to their productions.

All files are key and tempo-tagged to allow for and the ACID/Apple Loops files will conform to the speed and pitch of your DAW project.

Kings of Bhangra Vol 2 is available to download for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Producer Loops / Kings of Bhangra Vol 2


Producer Loops Kings Of Bhangra, sample pack by Gaurav Dayal

Producer Loops Kings Of Bhangra

Loopmasters has released Kings Of Bhangra, a multi format collection of 5 construction kits fusing traditional Indian musical elements with contemporary Bhangra.

Suitable for everything from Bollywood soundtracks, right through to contemporary Western pop with a world music vibe, this pack is an essential for the producer seeking to add authentic Indian spice to their productions.

Kings Of Bhangra features

  • 120 world class instrument and percussion loops in 5 construction kits, recorded on the finest instruments played by the most experienced musicians.
  • 17 instrument loops (including Algoze, Sarangi, Tumba and Tumbi), 69 kit files split into 5 kits each including full Audio mix, 34 percussion loops (including Dhol, Dhol ensembles, Dholak and Thad).
  • 265 MB content, 24 bit quality.
  • Apple Loops and Rex2 Loops packs available seperately.

Kings Of Bhangra is available to purchase from Loopmasters for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Kings Of Bhangra


Producer Loops Kings of Bhangra, sample library by Gaurav Dayal

Producer Loops Kings Of Bhangra

Producer Loops has released Kings of Bhangra, a multi-format collection of 5 construction kits fusing traditional Indian musical elements, contemporary Bhangra and the latest urban styles.

Suitable for everything from Bollywood soundtracks, right through to contemporary Western hip hop with a world music vibe, this pack is an essential for the producer seeking to add authentic Indian spice to their productions.

In addition to the five stunning construction kits, there are also folders containing standalone percussion and instrument loops, featuring Algoze, Sarangi, Dhol, and Dholak samples to name a few.

All files are key and tempo tagged to maximise your work flow, and the ACID/Apple Loops files will conform to the speed and pitch of your DAW project.

Kings of Bhangra is available to purchase in various formats, starting at £19.95 GBP / 24.69 EUR / $25.62 USD.

More information: Producer Loops / Kings of Bhangra


Producer Loops releases Classic Bollywood

Producer Loops Classic Bollywood

Producer Loops has released Classic Bollywood, a sample library featuring 11 royalty-free construction kits composed, recorded and produced by celebrated Bollywood film composer, Gaurav Dayal.

This beautiful library was recorded on location in New Delhi, India, home of the Bollywood Film industry, by celebrated soundtrack composer, Gaurav Dayal. ‘Classic Bollywood’ includes extremely useful and magical music loops, percussion loops and vocal phrases for music producers around the world. All 100% royalty-free…

In addition to the percussion loops, this library features the exotic sounds of an Indian string orchestra (recorded live) along with lush melodic male/female solo vocals and chorus phrases. All vocals have been sung in native languages rather than just alaaps. These loops will work beautifully with any genre be it mainstream World, Pop, Hip Hop, House, Electronica, Orchestral or any other style.

While most other libraries have covered Classical Indian styles, many of these have been unusable due to the structure and abstract nature of Indian Classical Music. Bollywood music, on the other hand, has evolved over the years and has always incorporated and adapted styles from North Indian & Western Music.

Now, for the first time, we are able to bring you the glorious and TRUE sound of Indian cinema, from classic 1960s style soundtracks to contemporary Bollywood soundtracks, featuring a mix of Indian melodies & Western arrangements. All composed, produced and recorded by one of the greatest composers Bollywood has ever known. We are extremely proud and honoured to welcome Guarav Dayal to the Producer Loops label. We are very happy our customers can now get their hands on 100% “Authentic” Bollywood Soundtrack Loops for their music productions.

Classic Bollywood features

  • 3,5 GB (Total Data, 44.1 kHz / 24-Bit) ACIDized Wave, Apple Loops/AIFF, REX, Reason Refill, WAV
  • The library has been assembled into kits of varying tempo & key. All filenames include the Key and Tempo of the loop. For ACID and Logic users, the key has been programmed into the files, so they will match the key of your existing tracks instantly without alteration.
  • List of Live Instruments Recorded: Indian Violin & Viola Section, Bansuri (Indian flutes), Dholak Ensembles, Tabla Ensembles / Pakhawaj, Ghungroo percussion, Indian Tamborine & shakers, Sarangi, Rabab, Mandolin, Tenor (Bass Pluck Mandolin), Sitar Ensemble, Swarmandal, Tumbi, Shehnai, Chung / Duffli, Indian Choirs (Male Female), Solo Voices (Male, Female Solo phrases).
  • Recorded using the highest quality converters and vintage microphones plus a selection of tube & solid state gear.
  • Royalty-Free (No Exceptions)

Classic Bollywood is available to purchase as an instant download for £69.95 GBP / 78,59 EUR / $100.81 USD.

More information: Producer Loops / Classic Bollywood


Big Fish Audio releases Bollyhood Beats

Big Fish Audio has released Bollyhood Beats, a sample library featuring a fusion of Hip Hop beats with traditional Indian percussion.

Traditional Indian rhythms and today’s Hip Hop, Pop and R&B tracks don’t typically work well together; this is where Bollyhood Beats comes in. Big Fish Audio presents the perfect combination of drum beats and some of the hottest Indian percussion you’ve ever heard.

This massive multi disc library was performed by Sanket Athale, one of India’s top percussion players and produced and conceived by Dinshah Sanjana. Having these live Indian rhythms perfectly melded to the styles of today’s modern music will give your tracks the edge over the competition.

Bollyhood Beats features

  • 10.35 GB on 2 DVD-Roms (4 GB of original WAV files).
  • Instruments Include: Tabla, Dholak, Duff, Manjira, Shakers, Clay Pot, Ghungroo, Dimdi.
  • 92 Construction Kits with 930 loops in WAV format.
  • Each Kit includes a full mix of the drums and the percussion, a mix of all the percussion (one with and one without the duff), and each percussion element as individually.

Bollyhood Beats is available now for $99.95 USD.

Visit Big Fish Audio for more information and audio demos.


Review: Philtre Labs Bollywood Elements

Philtre Labs Bollywood Elements

Bollywood Elements is the 2nd sample library by Philtre Labs, a company which aims to provide “authentic” Bollywood flavour to your productions.

BOLLYWOOD ELEMENTS is a ‘premium’ sample library on a DVD-ROM, inspired by the sound of “Bollywood”, using the same melodic instruments and styles typically featured in songs, background scores of films of the genre.

Production directors at Philtre Labs are Salim and Sulaiman Merchant, two brothers who have scored for some of the biggest Bollywood films.

Authentic instruments

After the percussion loops of Bollywood Grooves, it is now time for the melodic loops of Bollywood Elements. This new library features recordings of various traditional Indian plucked and bowed instruments, played by seasoned musicians.

Bollywood Elements instruments

  • Bulbul tarang (Indian banjo), is a string instrument featuring two sets of strings, one set for drone, and one for melody.
  • Flute, the ‘bansuri’ is made of a single length of bamboo with six or seven open finger holes.
  • Mandolin, a musical instrument in the lute family (plucked, or strummed).
  • Sarangi, an important bowed string instrument of India’s Hindustani classical music tradition.
  • Sarod, the most popular and prominent instrument in Hindustani (north Indian) classical music, known for a deep, weighty, introspective sound.
  • Sitar, a plucked stringed instrument using sympathetic strings along with a long hollow neck and agourd resonating chamber to produce a very rich sound with complex harmonic resonance.
  • Shehnai, an aerophonic tube-like instrument which is thought to bring good luck.
  • Tumbi, a traditional North Indian high pitched, single string plucking instrument from the Punjab region.
  • Ravan-hattha, a royal string instrument made with horse hair and ghunghroos (small bells) tied to the rod.
  • Shankh, a conch shell that is blown to announce victory of good over evil.
  • NarSingha/RanaSingha (bonus instrument), a long horn of ancient Indian origin used in ceremonial and royal rituals.
Philtre Labs Bollywood Elements disc data

Each instrument has its own folder, containing a combination of licks, raga phrases, one-shots and FX.

The folder structure can be a little hard to navigate as each folder has different contents. One instrument only has a bunch of files in its folder, while the other has files three levels deep (i.e. Sarod -> Sarod Ragas -> Charukeshi -> Bandish). The licks folders are divided into BPM, and most files have the key in their names which is handy.

The sample library includes a total of over 1,000 unique performances, all recorded at 24bit/48KHz quality.

You can have listen to some demo tracks here.

Bollywood Elements is available on DVD (including .wav & Apple Loops) from Time+Space for £69.95 GBP inc. VAT (~84 EUR / $106 USD).

So what do I think?

It’s hard to find anything that can do traditional instruments as well as sample libraries. Sure there are some great virtual instruments out there (mostly sample based), but nothing comes as close to the real thing as… well, recordings of the real thing!

Bollywood Elements has all the sounds you would expect from a collection of Indian instrument loops. I am no connoisseur but they do sound totally authentic to me.

Plus: good quality samples, lots of variety, authentic sounds.
Minus: the samples could have been categorized better (some folders have .aiff files instead of .wav)

Visit Philtre Labs for more information and some audio demos.


Zero-G releases Indian Dance Classics

Zero-G Indian Dance Classics

Zero-G has released Indian Dance Classics, a sample library featuring Indian rhythm styles.

Inspired by the unique sound of Indian dance music and using the same rhythm instruments and styles typically featured in Bollywood films Indian Dance Classics is a definitive collection of Indian rhythm styles.

Indian Dance Classics features

  • 750 loops in 1.7Gb of samples (Acidized WAV files, AIFF Apple Loops, Stylus compatible REX2 files).
  • Recorded in pristine 24bit using state of the art recording equipment with performances by top professional players from the Indian music industry.
  • The loops were created using the unique percussion instruments of India, namely Tablas, Pakhawaj, Mridangam, Ghatam, Khanjeera, Manjira, Tavil, Tamte, Khol, Dafli, Duffs, Dhol, Dholak, Udukai, Chende, Gungroo, Tambourine, Naal, Chimta, Dhollu, Tribal Big Drums, Dimdi, Duggis, Morsing, Nagara and Rhythm Vocals.
  • All the major Indian Dance styles are included: Andhranatyam, Bharathanatyam, Dhandiyan, Garba, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, Kathak, Odissi, Bhangra, Manipuri, Folk, Goa Dance, Bombay Fusion and Rhythm Vocals.
  • Each Style is separated into Intros, Rhythms, Fills, Variations, Endings and Freestyles in order to give you the freedom and versatility needed to build your own grooves and songs.
  • Tempos ranging from 86bpm to 200bpm.

Indian Dance Classics is available now for $99.95 USD / 79 EUR / £59.95 GBP.

Visit Zero-G for more information and some audio demos.