Puremagnetik Food For Live – Toy Factory, sample library for Ableton

Loopmasters has released Food For Live – Toy Factory, a collection of Ableton sound libraries by Puremagnetik. Hacked, glitched and tricked out toys will invade your Ableton Library. Twisted electronics, chaotic circuit-bent synthesizers and classic … read more

Short links for November 5th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # On iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone, New MIDI Support, via Wires, Wireless MIDI for your iPad is coming! Peter Kirn writes: Over 25 years later, portions of MIDI … read more

Review: Sidsonic Libraries Circus Circuit Bending Library, massive collection of circuit bent sounds

Circuit bending has gathered quite a lot of attention in recent years. Sure it’s not for everyone, but blogs like Create Digital Music, GetLoFi, Make, etc. show there is plenty of interest in the art … read more

Tone Manufacture Error Tone, Glitchy and circuit bent sound sample library now also for Kontakt

Tone Manufacture has released a Kontakt version of Error Tone, a glitchy and circuit bent sound sample library previously released as a Reason ReFill. We’ve been working late into the night to bring you our … read more

Haunted House Records Dirty Electronics, circuit bent loops sample library

Haunted House Records has released Dirty Electronics, a sample library featuring circuit bent loops. Electronic experimentation and broken toys fuse together to create 360 filthy riffs, gargled glitches, extraterrestrial FX, circuit-bent chatters, bit-crushed babbles, and … read more

Puremagnetik releases HackShop

Puremagnetik has released HackShop, a versatile collection of sampled blips, beeps, bumps and squeals from the circuit bent arsenal of The Violent Scar. TVS specializes in bending and modifying toys and equipment with echo feedback … read more

Short links for April 22nd, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # The MIDI Piano Instructor : Gabriel Faure – Romanse sans parole This is my MIDI piano instructor. This thing (top left in the picture) drives a bar of … read more

Producer Loops releases Ambient Glitch Vol.3

Producer Loops has released Ambient Glitch Vol.3, a sample library featuring original, expertly mangled glitch loops to give your productions a jolt of contemporary circuit bent insanity. ‘Ambient Glitch Vol 3′ expands on this unique … read more

NUSofting releases ModPack Utility for Broken Drum Machine

NUSofting has announced the release of a ModPack Utility for Broken Drum Machine, a virtual circuit bent drum synthesizer for Windows and Mac. The BDM Installation Tool is a new application to speed up swapping … read more

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Loopmasters releases Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3

Loopmasters has released Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3, a collection of twisted beats and deformed audio sickness guaranteed to deliver a fresh bout of insanity to any production. Back once again from the electronic surgery … read more

Synthgeek releases sg-modutron mini

Synthgeek has released sg-modutron mini, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows. This is a simple 1-oscillator synth based on “virtual circuit-bending”. The initial idea started out as an attempt at making a bass synth version … read more

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Short links for January 20th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # bassdll – An arduino piezo buzzer sound engine by Drew Crawford. Source code available at github # ISM / DUBBHISM: impulse responses Tony Dubshot wrote in to share … read more

Sidsonic Libraries announces X-Mas Special: Advent Calendar

Sidsonic Libraries has announced the X-Mas Special: Advent Calendar, a promotion featuring free sample sets, loops, etc. Looking for an inspired Christmas? The sidsonic libraries advent calender will give you festive cheer! From St Nicholas … read more

Sidsonic Libraries releases Circus Circuit Bending Library

Sidsonic Libraries has released Circus Circuit Bending Library, a Kontakt Player powered sample library. The Circus Circuit Bending Library, pays tribute to the art form of Circuit Bending, which since its foundation in the 1960s … read more

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Short links for November 23rd, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently: # MidiFighter Kit Ean Golden at djtechtools writes: I am pleased to announce that in 2 weeks time we will be selling DIY MidiFighter kits in the web-store. This … read more

ToneBytes releases Bend Box

ToneBytes has released Bend Box, a free instrument plug-in for Windows. Bend Box is a software synthesizer that emulates a circuit-bending device. Can be useful for making experiments and for creating various noise FX. All … read more

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Time+Space announces Toontrack EZX offer

Time+Space has announced a special offer on the forthcoming Toontrack Electronic EZX. Over the past decade, the team at Toontrack Music has generated over 1,000,000 sound files from recordings of hundreds of the finest drums … read more

Loopmasters releases Circuit Bent Sounds 2

Loopmasters has released Circuit Bent Sounds 2, a sample collection created in conjunction with Paul Norris of Circuitbenders.co.uk – a devoted expert at the art of circuit bending, and a signed recording artist in his … read more

Toontrack announces Electronic EZX

Toontrack has announced the Electronic EZX, a modern collection of classic, circuit bent and resampled electronic drum sounds for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer 2.0. Designed by Brad Bowden and Richard Devine, this EZX® includes 33 … read more

Short links for September 3rd, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently: # Tactile Metronome – Wayne and Layne The Tactile Metronome is a tap-controlled metronome and "beat looper." "Syncopation machine." "Metronome with an attitude." You tap the piezo speaker to … read more