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Vengeance Sound releases Vengeance Mastering Suite – Stereo Bundle

Vengeance Sound Mastering Suite - Stereo Bundle

Vengeance Sound has announced the release of Vengeance Mastering Suite – Stereo Bundle, a collection of 5 plugins for mastering.

The Vengeance Mastering Suite – Stereo Bundle is a collection of stereo processors that can be used during mastering by contemporary producers.

Beside mastering tasks the user can create stereo material out of mono material with vocals, basslines, guitars, and synths, etc.

Vengeance Mastering Suite – Stereo Bundle features

  • 5 Plug-ins in one Bundle: VMS Shifter, VMS Expander, VMS Stereo Splitter, VMS Analyser, VMS MIDI Transmitter.
  • Complete stereo channel strip: manipulate anything in the stereo field.
  • Can be used for mastering in addition to solo instruments (vocals, basslines, and synths, etc.).
  • Graphic live feedback.
  • 3 EQs.
  • Mono 2 stereo processors: create stereo information from mono material.
  • Stereo compressor (taken from VMS Multiband Compressor).
  • Real-time FFT analyzer, real-time stereo vectorscope, real-time waveform view.
  • Output limiter.
  • Modulation envelope – creative and experimental results: apply a synced envelope to stereo mix level, mono mix level etc.
  • Many presets included: ranging from complete masterings to special FX.
  • All parameters can be automated.

The Vengeance Mastering Suite – Stereo Bundle for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for €99 EUR/£85 GBP/$140 USD. Note: requires eLicenser dongle.

More information: Vengeance Sound


SoundHack Pvoc Kit effect plugins bundle released

SoundHack Pvoc Kit

Tom Erbe of SoundHack has released the Pvoc Kit, a new bundle of four plugins based on the Phase Vocoder in SoundHack and redesigned for real-time use.

A Four-Plugin Bundle exploring the classic Phase Vocoder and Granular Synthesis algorithms.

Pitch shifting, harmonizing, time stretching, layered loops, phase mangling, ambient clouds, resonant stuttering and more. Essential tools for adventurous musicians and sound designers.

Pvoc Kit features

  • +pitchsift: sine bank and FFT pitch shifting with a MIDI controlled autotune/vocoder.
  • +spiralstretch: real time layered time stretching using both the phase vocoder and granular synthesis.
  • +phasemash: phase shifting, nulling, noise modulation, band shifting and scrambling.
  • +pvocloop: a four voice looper with soundfile input, and with pitch shifting and time stretching on each voice.

The Pvoc Kit bundle for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for $99 USD.

More information: SoundHack


DNR Collaborative announces MixControl Pro, channelstrip effect plugin updated

DNR Collaborative Designs has announced the upcoming release of MixControl Pro, a complete high-quality, professional channelstrip with a unique sound that offers flexible module processing, pristine audio quality and a combination of useful new features.

DNR Collaborative MixControl Pro

MixControl Pro has 2 separate professionally designed interface layouts, created by Anders Hedstrom ( to allow users of different screen sizes and workflows to benefit from. We have worked closely with Anders, our users and our development team to integrate the most requested, useful and aesthetically pleasing interface features.

MixControl Pro builds on the solid foundation known in the original MixControl by adding many useful aesthetic and functional enhancements such as extremely high-quality oversampling, 2 new professional UI layouts, 3 unique analog-style saturation modes, and a much more responsive FFT analyzer. Gate mixing, sub-preset loading modules and quick mouse controls round out the new workflow enhancements to enable you to work faster and smarter to get the perfect mix for your project.

New in MixControl Pro

  • Solo for individual EQ bands.
  • 3 Unique new saturation modes.
  • Gate wet/dry mixing function.
  • Full V1 backwards compatibility.
  • Enhanced metering accuracy.
  • Adjustable FFT (fast/normal/slow).
  • Ultra-HQ oversampling mode.
  • 2 UI Versions (Extended+Refined).
  • Fully anti-aliased EQ graph.
  • Mouse wheel EQ node control.
  • Right-click Filter selection.

MixControl Pro for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is scheduled for release on August 1st, priced at $129 USD. RTAS format is planned, but no ETA is available at this time. All formats support license keyfile protection, no obtrusive dongle or C/R protection.

The plugin is now available to pre-order as part of the developement’s beta phase:

For anyone who did not get in on the previous discount, we have designated the final weeks of the beta phase of development to allow users to pre-order the software. The pre-order will give you access to the original version of MixControl and immediate access to MixControl Pro upon release, as well as all point updates. The list below indicates the times of each phase and the discounted price you will pay:

- July 4th through July 11th – $59.00
- July 12th through July 18th – $79.00
- July 19th through August 1st – $99.00

More information: DNR Collaborative / MixControl Pro


Voxengo updates SPAN to v2.3, spectrum analyzer effect

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Voxengo SPAN

Voxengo has released version 2.3 of SPAN, a free real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer plug-in for Windows and Mac.

For the most part it was derived from Voxengo GlissEQ dynamic parametric equalizer and reproduces its spectrum analysis functionality.

Changes in SPAN v2.3

  • Right/left signal power difference readout added.
  • “Filled Spectrum” spectrum display mode switch added.
  • Level meter’s “density mode” improved.
  • Control surface crosshair option added (can be switched off in the global options).

SPAN for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available as a free download.

More information: Voxengo / SPAN


Analog Box, audio synthesizer / visual programming environment now open source

Andyware Analog Box

Andyware has announced that Analog Box 2 is now available as open source software.

Analog Box is an open-source, circuit based, modular software synthesizer. You put sound objects on the screen, connect them together, listen and adjust. When you find something you like, you can record it to a wav file, or just save the circuit and play it again later.

ABox is somewhat like the vintage synth’s of the ’70′s in that there are separate modules with lots of patch cords, knobs, buttons and displays. But you also get the computational ability offered by modern CPU’s. Features like FFTs, Differentials and Digital Control open up realms of sound design never dreamt of before. With the advanced capabilities offered by VSTi, USB/HID, MIDI and Directshow you could conceivably play your favorite video soundtrack through a plugin adjusted by a glove controller.

Analog Box 2 is available under the GNU GPL v3 license.

More information: Analog Box


Expert Sleepers updates Spectral Conquest to v1.0.2

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Expert Sleepers Spectral Conquest

Expert Sleepers has released version 1.0.2 of Spectral Conquest, an FFT frequency spectrum manipulation effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Spectral Conquest is an effect plug-in that lets you directly manipulate the frequency spectrum of audio signals.

Changes in Spectral Conquest v1.0.2

  • Fixed reporting of plug-in latency to host.
  • Fixed GUI issues in REAPER on Windows.
  • Mac VST version now supports native 64 bit usage.

Note: only the VST versions (Mac and Windows) are updated.

More information: Expert Sleepers / Spectral Conquest


Crysonic announces Spectralive NXT V4 HD

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Crysonic has announced the imminent release of Version 4 of their flagship product Spectralive NXT and it will available by mid February for Mac OSX and PC in all native formats.

Amongst many new features Spectralive NXT V4 HD will now be a native 64-Bit plug-in for both PC and Mac as well as offering 32-Bit compatibility.

Spectralive NXT V4 HD has been re-coded for speed providing at least up to 30% better CPU usage together with many new features such as a full 3D high-resolution Real-Time FFT Spectrum waveform display (there is also the option to use anaglyph red/blue glasses ) and a Spectrogram display enabling precise monitoring of the effected audio, including many other new features and improvements. Spectralive V4 HD now works in 2 switchable modes between Simple and Advanced GUI settings giving the user the ability to choose the mode that best suits their requirements.

Spectralive V4 also increases the number of methods by which the user can convert a mono signal such as vocals to a true stereo signal using new proprietary algorithms attaining exceptional and outstanding results. The included 11 Band Look-ahead Soft Peak limiter /EQ /Maximizer with intelligent clip warning assistant has also been re-coded for finer control, CPU efficiency and enhanced quality. A Final Master Clipping prevention system ensures your audio does not distort and this can be switched on or off. More features to be announced until the launch date so stay tuned.

Taking the lead from the very popular previous Spectralive plug-in, SPECTRALIVE V4 HD will be available to purchase on-line from the crysonic website by the middle of February 2011 for Mac OSX Universal Binary, VST and PC VST formats as a native 64-Bit plugin.

More information: Crysonic