Shiverware releases Musix Pro app for iOS

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Shiverware Musix Pro

Shiverware has announced the release of Musix Pro, a new iOS musical instrument.

Musix Pro is the successor to Musix, a revolutionary instrument and control surface for the iPad/iPhone. The unique hexagonal or rectangular note layouts allows newcomers to learn how to play music much faster than conventional instruments; while giving experienced musicians a fresh look on music and harmony which sparks creativity.

Audio can be generated with built-in instruments, or with external synthesizers via Core Midi or OSC. Musix Pro allows the user to arrange the notes of the scale to be like a piano, an accordion, a concertina, or a guitar. The most common layouts such as Wicki-Hayden, Janko, Harmonic Table and Linnstrument are all included as presets, and you can build your own layouts. When you combine Musix Pro with apps such as Samplewiz, NLog Synth Pro, Arctic Keys or Sunrizer, the possibilities are endless.

The musical power of Musix Pro is derived from the use of isomorphic note layouts, which allow the whole screen to be filled with harmonically related notes in the shape of hexagons, rectangles or squares. The systematic layout of pitches creates a playing surface that enables the exploration of musical possibilities unavailable in traditional instruments. The end result is that a non-musical person can learn how to play every major and minor chord in under 5 minutes, which typically take weeks or years on a piano. The nature of the note layouts turns playing music into making shapes.

People love music and many people would love to play but don’t have the time or patience to learn. With Musix Pro, learning to play can take much less time and be more fun and engaging.

The Musix Pro app is currently 66% off at $4.99 USD.

More information: Shiverware / Musix Pro


SkyLight releases Hex OSC Full

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SkyLight Hex OSC Full

SkyLight has released Hex OSC Full, a virtual harmonic table keyboard for iPad.

Hex OSC Full is musical keyboard software for iPad, which has substantial 98 keys.

Besides, the keyboard layout can be changed in order to extend tone range by a single shake while you play. Hexagonal keys have certain note relationships like guitar chords. When you know the patterns, you can transpose smoothly.

Hex OSC Full features

  • Play with 98 keys (4 octave) on a screen without scroll.
  • Play a chord (3 notes) with one finger.
  • Play chords with up to 10 fingers.
  • Glissando.
  • Changeable tone range during performance.
  • Adjustable key layout.
  • Built-in 11 sounds; Synth1, Synth2, Tremolo Synth1, Electric Piano1, Organ1, Organ2, Funky Synth, Steelpan, Minimal Kit1, Bell1, Kokuritsu Kit.
  • Transmit OSC.
  • Transpose octaves when OSC is chosen.
  • Available languages: Japanese, English.

Hex OSC Full is available to purchase from the Apple iTunes App Store, priced at $15.99 USD.

More information: SkyLight Hex OSC Series
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C-Thru Music now shipping AXiS 49

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C-Thru Music AXiS 49

C-Thru Music has announced it is now shipping the AXiS 49, a velocity sensitive MIDI input device designed to help you make music with your computer.

This is for composing, arranging, and overdubs. There is no pitch bend or mod wheel, and no knobs or sockets for pedals, so you can tell the AXiS-49 is not designed to be primarily a live performance instrument. But the Harmonic Table is great to have with you on the tour bus, or beside you when you’re creating on your PC or Mac, or turntables. The AXiS-49 doesn’t duplicate (knobs, wheels, sounds etc.) but adds the Harmonic Table in a convenient size.

AXiS 49 features

  • Keyboard features 14 columns of 7 notes in Harmonic Table format.
  • Velocity sensitive.
  • Plug ‘n’ Play USB device.
  • Up-Octave, Down-Octave (together to reset and send All_Notes_Off) can be set from -3 to +3 octaves.
  • Sends MIDI notes 0-120 (0-48,12-60,24-72,36-84,48-96,60-108,72-120).
  • Includes note name stickers.

The AXiS 49 is available for purchase for the introductory price of $470 USD (US price, ex. CAT VAT, check here for details on ordering worldwide).

Visit C-Thru Music for more information.