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Minimal System Rack Packs for Ableton Live 50% off

Minimal System has announced a limited time sale, offering its Rack Packs for Ableton Live at a 50% discount.

Minimal System Rack Packs 50% off

All Rack Packs now 50% off!
Expand your Ableton Live library with Minimal System

Minimal System Rack Packs are collections of instruments, effect racks, samples, loops, and patches which are all designed to be used within Ableton Live.

The sale ends March 31st, 2014.

More information: Minimal System / Ableton Live Rack Packs


Minimal System launches Pay Day Sale – 50% off

Minimal System has announced a Pay Day Sale, offering 50% discount on its plugins and sample packs for a limited time.

Minimal System Pay Day Sale

Minimal System are happy to announce our Pay Day Super Sale in which we are offering customers a massive 50% Off everything in our store for the next 7 days.

To take advantage of this offer and pick up some fantastic plugins, sample packs, Ableton Live Rack Packs, and preset packs simply use coupon code 1407 on your ‘Shopping Cart’ page to apply the discount.

The sale ends June 6th, 2014.

More information: Minimal System


Minimal System Mastering Limiter plug-in 50% off

Minimal System Mastering Limiter

Minimal System has announced a limited time sale on its Mastering Limiter effect plug-in for Windows.

The Mastering Limiter from Minimal System is a high end audio processing advanced peak limiter designed to maximize both the level of the digital signal and the resolution of your final rendered file.

The Mastering Limiter’s lookahead peak limiter algorithm provides the mixing and mastering engineer with the capability to increase resolution and production master levels with precise control. Specifically designed for mastering, digital editing, multimedia, and any application that requires limiting of the digital signal with highest quality; the Mastering Limiter is perfect addition to your mixing and mastering tool set.

In order to ensure the maximum possible resolution of a processed signal, it is very highly recommended that the Mastering Limiter be used last in the processing chain.

The plug-in (Windows VST) is available to purchase for £7.50 GBP for 24 hours only (regular £14.99 GBP).

More information: Minimal System / Mastering Limiter


Minimal System Sample Packs 50% off

Minimal System has announced a limited time sale, offering its sample packs at a 50% discount.

Minimal System Sample Packs

Get 50% off all Minimal System Sample packs including fantastic drum hits, bassline loops and analogue sequences.

More information: Minimal System / Sample packs


Minimal System intros Analogue Collection VST effect plugins

Minimal System Analogue Collection

Minimal System has launched Analogue Collection, a effect plugins bundle capturing the legendary sound of classic hardware.

Introducing the Analogue Mixing and Mastering Collection.

Comprising of a comprehensive analogue modelled channel strip and breakout 8 band EQ this collection contains two powerful tools that can be used on your channel and master busses for great sounding mixing and mastering.

Analogue Collection features

  • Two plugins included – Analogue Channel Strip and Analogue EQ.
  • Channel Strip comprises of an 8 band customisable EQ, Buss Compressor, Limiter, and Master section.
  • Analogue EQ is an 8 band customisable EQ with Master section.
  • EQ frequency range – 20hz to 20,000hz on each band.
  • Each EQ band has +/-40dB of gain.
  • Buss Compressor designed to ‘Glue’ track groups together. Can also be used effectively to ‘Glue’ the final mixdown.
  • Signal flow of the Analogue Channel is as follows: EQ > Compressor > Limiter.
  • Monitoring meters on both plugins showing input, output, and compression gain reduction.
  • Analogue channel is perfect for buss channels or the master channel and can be used effectively for both mixing and mastering.
  • Modelled on classic analogue hardware.
  • Low CPU usage.

The Analogue Collection for Windows (VST) costs £29.99 GBP. It is available to purchase for at 50% off for the first 24 hours.

More information: Minimal System / Analogue Collection


Minimal System Master Compressor 50% off

Minimal System has announced that its Master Compressor VST plug-in for Windows is 50% off for a limited time.

Minimal System Master Compressor

The Master Compressor is an “analogue modelled mixing and mastering processor inspired by classic hardware, with an easy to use interface and accurate analogue character”.

Master Compressor features

  • Beautiful analogue modelled compressor.
  • Can be used on instrument tracks and the master buss.
  • Lot of parameters allow you to really shape your sound.
  • Clear GUI Design.
  • Very low CPU usage.

The plug-in is available to purchase for £4.99 GBP until January 31st, 2013.

More information: Minimal System / Master Compressor


Minimal System Tri-Comp compressor plugin 50% off

Minimal System Tri-Comp Sale

Minimal System has launched a Holiday Sale, offering its Tri-Comp compressor plug-in at 50% off for a limited time.

If you are looking for the ultimate multiband dynamics processor then you have found it in the latest mixing and mastering plugin from Minimal System Instruments. Just imagine the possibilities of three 1176 compressors combined, each controlling and processing three individual bands of your incoming audio!

Each band of the Tri-Comp gives you full control over compression and limiting, with the addition of Mid/Side processing. The Tri-Comp gives you complete control over your mix, whilst retaining perfect clarity and transparency.

Tri-Comp for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for £19.99 GBP over the Christmas Holiday (regular £39.99 GBP).

More information: Minimal System / Tri-Comp