Spitfire releases Low Brass library for Kontakt

Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Low Brass, the fifth instalment in its definitive BML (British Modular Library). Providing you with the most solid foundations for your orchestral palette, Spitfire’s Low Brass celebrates some … read more

Cescato Musiktechnologie releases Trans Computer Maschine II

Cescato Musiktechnologie has announced Trans Computer Maschine II, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows. Trans Computer Maschine is a semi-modular Vintage Lead Synthesizer + Pattern Sequencer. Modeled after two legendary mono synths and a custom … read more

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Inear Display releases BowEcho modular mangling delay

Inear Display has released BowEcho, a modular delay effect plug-in for Windows. BowEcho is a modular sound mangler based on 4 delay lines. It offers a large palette of sound design options thanks to 4 … read more

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Glitchmachines releases Proximity free modular synth sound effects pack

Glicthmachines has announced the release of Proximity, a free sample pack comprising 150 SFX by sound designer Ivo Ivanov. Proximity is the third installment in our FREE Nanopack series. The goal with this series of … read more

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Little Endian updates SpectrumWorx to v2.9.0

Little Endian has released version 2.9.0 of the SpectrumWorx sound mangling plug-in for Windows and Mac. Little Endian today announced the release of SpectrumWorx™ audio plug-in version 2.9 with 64-bit support for both Mac OS … read more

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Mutools updates MuLab & MUX VST to v5.2

Mutools has released version 5.2 of MuLab and MUX VST The MuLab sound and music production system transforms a computer into an inspiring modular studio. Changes in version 5.2 Redesigned UI system resulting in a … read more

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Avid intros S6 Control Surface

Avid has announced the S6 Control Surface, a major new addition to its industry leading family of control surfaces for sound recording, mixing and editing. Avid S6 is designed for audio professionals in the most … read more

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Pulse Code releases Modular synthesizer app for iOS

Pulse Code has announced the release of Modular, a modular synthesizer app for iOS. Modular, the ultimate synthesizer that will revolutionize your sound. Modular looks, acts, and sounds like a hardware modular synthesizer to give … read more

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Point Blank releases free Max for Live Modular Synth

Point Blank Online has introduced a free Modular Synth plug-in for Max for Live by tutor Daniel Herbert. The Point Blank modular synth is based on the legendary EMS VCS3. The VCS3 was built in … read more

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Sensomusic updates Usine Hollyhock to v1.02.010

Sensomusic has released Update 6 of Usine Hollyhock, a software application dedicated to live music and real-time installations. It’s not a traditional Digital Audio Workstation so, it has a very specific approach. Also it’s a … read more

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Desert Sound Studios releases Mk-iii Drum Machine for Max for Live

Desert Sound Studios has announced the release of Mk-iii, a drum machine instrument for Max for Live, comprising a step-sequencer and drum sample playback module. The MK-iii drum machine from Desert Sound Studios takes a … read more

VST Buzz launches Modular Piano sale – 40% off

VST Buzz has launched a sale on the Modular Piano sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt by Audiority. The Modular Piano is a synthesized acoustic piano that is capable of creating a cinematic piano sound … read more

macProVideo launches u-he ACE video course by Rishabh Rajan

macProVideo.com has launched a video course for u-he ACE “Any Cable Everywhere”, the virtual semi-modular synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. If an analog modular had sex with a synth plugin, u-he ACE would be … read more

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Binary Music releases Electrophonics sample library

Binary Music has announced the release of Electrophonics, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt, Ableton Live and Apple Logic Pro. The main panel in Kontakt has controls for volume envelope and modulation, pitch mod … read more

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Roland Kuit intros Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space

Roland Kuit has announced Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space, a new e-Book on modular synthesis. Concepts of space (re-)defined and shifted for modular synthesis Reflections are positional essentials in creating space. How space … read more

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Minimal System releases Modular Synth Drums Vol 1

Minimal System Instruments has announced the release of its Modular Synth Drums Volume 1 sample library. Modular Synth Drums Volume 1 is a drum sample pack that was born from intensive and great fun recording … read more

Madrona Labs updates Aalto to v1.4

Madrona Labs has released version 1.4 of its Aalto semi-modular, patchable synthesizer for Windows and Mac. This new version offers compatibility improvements, as well as over 100 new presets, improved integration with the Soundplane, and … read more

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KX77FREE releases Kx-PolyM-CSE modular synth plug-in

KX77FREE has launched Kx-PolyM-CSE, a vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer instrument for Windows. This one is a special work to implement a CS70M emulation and the x16 sequencer inside a modular VA. Even if the CS70 … read more

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KarmaFX launches Summer Sale – 35% off Synth Modular

KarmaFX has announced its Summer Sale, offering a 35% discount on the KarmaFX Synth Modular for a limited time. Summer is a great time! Time for relaxing and enjoying the nice, warm, sunny weather. But … read more

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u-he intros Modular Fantasy in 3D: Bazille

u-he has posted a 3D wallpaper of Bazille, the upcoming virtual modular synthesizer plug-in. Enjoy the looks of Bazille while you patiently wait for it to be ready. In an attempt to lighten the mood … read more

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