apeSoft releases iVCS3 synth app for iPad

apeSoft has announced the release of iVCS3, an official emulation of the EMS VCS3 modular synthesizer, now available for iPad. VCS3 portable semi-modular analog synthesizer now available for iPad. The VCS3 has three oscillators (in … read more

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Image-Line releases Minihost Modular Beta 2

Image-Line has announced a second beta of Minihost Modular, a free modular plugin host for Windows and Mac. This beta includes improvements and fixes based on user feedback so far. We thank the beta-testers for … read more

MuTools updates MuLab & MUX Vst to v5.5.1

MuTools has released version 5.5.1 of the MuLab and MUX Vst music production software. MuLab is a rich and rock solid sound and music production tool for Mac OSX and Windows, designed to create, record, … read more

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Precisionsound releases Analog Performer SFX

Precisionsound has introduced Analog Performer SFX, a suite of electronic sound effects ranging from glitchy blips to screaming rips, noise strikes to harmonic ripples, laughing androids to alien birdcalls, all created with analog hardware. The … read more

Spektro Audio updates CV Toolkit (Standalone) to v1.1

Spektro Audio has announced the release of a version 1.1 update for CV Toolkit – Standalone Version, an application that can be used to control analog synthesizers by sending CV signals through any DC-coupled audio … read more

Madrona Labs updates Aalto synth plugin to v1.5

Madrona Labs has updated its Aalto synthesizer for Windows and Mac to version 1.5. Aalto is a semi-modular software synthesizer with an innovative, patchable UI, distinctive sounds, and a charming personality. Changes in Aalto v1.5 … read more

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Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v2.4.0

Expert Sleepers has released version 2.4.0 of its Silent Way suite of plug-ins designed for use with analogue synthesisers, and especially as part of a modular analogue synthesiser system. Silent Way Step LFO 2.4.0 now … read more

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Sonic Faction releases Dope Matrix for Ableton Live

Sonic Faction has announced Dope Matrix, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Ableton Live 9. Dope Matrix brings the modular experience into a digital world by combining famous analog oscillators with custom made effects modules. Create … read more

Image-Line announces Minihost Modular beta

Image-Line has announced the release of a public beta version of Minihost Modular, a modular environment for hosting/interconnecting VST/AU plugins based on a custom modular engine especially developed for this purpose. As a standalone, Minihost … read more

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ADSR Sounds intros CV #1 for Maschine

ADSR Sounds has introduced CV #1, the first pack in a series of MASCHINE Expansions made with and inspired by analog modular synthesizers. This pack contains – 585 samples, 16 drum synth presets, 16 Maschine … read more

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Arturia announces Spark 2

Arturia has introduced Spark 2, a new look, new feel version of the powerful software engine that drives its drum machine-redefining SPARK Creative Drum Machine and SparkLE Creative Drum Machine hybrid hardware/software instruments. Spark 2 … read more

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KarmaFX updates Synth Modular to v1.17 (build 6045)

KarmaFX has released version 1.17 of its KarmaFX Synth Modular virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. KarmaFX Synth Modular is an advanced and highly flexible Simulated Analog Modular Synthesizer and Effect Unit. Its amazing … read more

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The Sound Guy releases SFX Machine Pro 64-bit for Mac

The Sound Guy, Inc. has announced the release of a 64-bit upgrade of its SFX Machine Pro software for Mac that lets you create your own effects from scratch. SFX Machine, a flexible multi-effects and … read more

Expert Sleepers releases ES-40, ESX-8CV & ESX-8GT mk2 Eurorack synth modules

Expert Sleepers has announced the release of three new Eurorack synth modules. The Expert Sleepers range of modules (including the ES-3 Lightpipe/CV Interface, offering ADAT connectivity instead of the ES-40’s S/PDIF) offers a highly configurable … read more

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Abeem Live Technologies releases Rack Performer 1.0 modular host

Abeem Live Technologies has announced the release of Rack Performer 1.0, a pro-audio software for live performance, sound design and real-time audio processing. Rack Performer is a high-level modular environment hosting VST plugins and internal … read more

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Spektro Audio releases CV Toolkit application

Spektro Audio has introduced the CV Toolkit, a software application for sending CV signals. CV Toolkit is a standalone application for both Mac and PC that can be used to control analog synthesizers by sending … read more

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Mutools updates MuLab & MUX Vst to v5.3

MuTools has announced version 5.3 of its MuLab music production system and MUX Vst flexible modular synth and effect plug-in. The MuLab sound and music production system transforms a computer into an inspiring modular studio. … read more

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Binary Music launches Holiday Sale – 50% off

Binary Music has announced a 50% discount on its products until the end of 2013. Until the end of the year, all Binary Music libraries and bundles for Kontakt, Ableton Live and Logic are on … read more

Subatomic Software updates Audulus modular music app to v2.5

Subatomic Software has released version 2.5 of Audulus, bringing “Custom Nodes” to the modular music processing app for Mac and iPad. Add a customized user interface to Patch Nodes with the new Custom Nodes. A … read more

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KX77FREE updates Kx-PolyM-CSE free synth plugin to v1.1

KX77FREE has released version 1.1 of Kx-PolyM-CSE, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows. Kx-PolyM-CSE is a vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer with CV/GATE sequencer and CS70M emulation. Changes in Kx-PolyM-CSE v1.1 55 KX’s presets added. Now … read more

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