Glitchmachines releases Proximity free modular synth sound effects pack

Glicthmachines has announced the release of Proximity, a free sample pack comprising 150 SFX by sound designer Ivo Ivanov. Proximity is the third installment in our FREE Nanopack series. The goal with this series of … read more

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Little Endian updates SpectrumWorx to v2.9.0

Little Endian has released version 2.9.0 of the SpectrumWorx sound mangling plug-in for Windows and Mac. Little Endian today announced the release of SpectrumWorx™ audio plug-in version 2.9 with 64-bit support for both Mac OS … read more

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Mutools updates MuLab & MUX VST to v5.2

Mutools has released version 5.2 of MuLab and MUX VST The MuLab sound and music production system transforms a computer into an inspiring modular studio. Changes in version 5.2 Redesigned UI system resulting in a … read more

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Avid intros S6 Control Surface

Avid has announced the S6 Control Surface, a major new addition to its industry leading family of control surfaces for sound recording, mixing and editing. Avid S6 is designed for audio professionals in the most … read more

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Pulse Code releases Modular synthesizer app for iOS

Pulse Code has announced the release of Modular, a modular synthesizer app for iOS. Modular, the ultimate synthesizer that will revolutionize your sound. Modular looks, acts, and sounds like a hardware modular synthesizer to give … read more

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Point Blank releases free Max for Live Modular Synth

Point Blank Online has introduced a free Modular Synth plug-in for Max for Live by tutor Daniel Herbert. The Point Blank modular synth is based on the legendary EMS VCS3. The VCS3 was built in … read more

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Sensomusic updates Usine Hollyhock to v1.02.010

Sensomusic has released Update 6 of Usine Hollyhock, a software application dedicated to live music and real-time installations. It’s not a traditional Digital Audio Workstation so, it has a very specific approach. Also it’s a … read more

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Desert Sound Studios releases Mk-iii Drum Machine for Max for Live

Desert Sound Studios has announced the release of Mk-iii, a drum machine instrument for Max for Live, comprising a step-sequencer and drum sample playback module. The MK-iii drum machine from Desert Sound Studios takes a … read more

VST Buzz launches Modular Piano sale – 40% off

VST Buzz has launched a sale on the Modular Piano sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt by Audiority. The Modular Piano is a synthesized acoustic piano that is capable of creating a cinematic piano sound … read more

macProVideo launches u-he ACE video course by Rishabh Rajan has launched a video course for u-he ACE “Any Cable Everywhere”, the virtual semi-modular synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. If an analog modular had sex with a synth plugin, u-he ACE would be … read more

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Binary Music releases Electrophonics sample library

Binary Music has announced the release of Electrophonics, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt, Ableton Live and Apple Logic Pro. The main panel in Kontakt has controls for volume envelope and modulation, pitch mod … read more

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Roland Kuit intros Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space

Roland Kuit has announced Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space, a new e-Book on modular synthesis. Concepts of space (re-)defined and shifted for modular synthesis Reflections are positional essentials in creating space. How space … read more

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Minimal System releases Modular Synth Drums Vol 1

Minimal System Instruments has announced the release of its Modular Synth Drums Volume 1 sample library. Modular Synth Drums Volume 1 is a drum sample pack that was born from intensive and great fun recording … read more

Madrona Labs updates Aalto to v1.4

Madrona Labs has released version 1.4 of its Aalto semi-modular, patchable synthesizer for Windows and Mac. This new version offers compatibility improvements, as well as over 100 new presets, improved integration with the Soundplane, and … read more

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KX77FREE releases Kx-PolyM-CSE modular synth plug-in

KX77FREE has launched Kx-PolyM-CSE, a vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer instrument for Windows. This one is a special work to implement a CS70M emulation and the x16 sequencer inside a modular VA. Even if the CS70 … read more

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KarmaFX launches Summer Sale – 35% off Synth Modular

KarmaFX has announced its Summer Sale, offering a 35% discount on the KarmaFX Synth Modular for a limited time. Summer is a great time! Time for relaxing and enjoying the nice, warm, sunny weather. But … read more

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u-he intros Modular Fantasy in 3D: Bazille

u-he has posted a 3D wallpaper of Bazille, the upcoming virtual modular synthesizer plug-in. Enjoy the looks of Bazille while you patiently wait for it to be ready. In an attempt to lighten the mood … read more

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Particular releases Euro Munchies – Rough Crustings

Particular Audio has launched Rough Crustings, a new Euro Munchies series sample library featuring 100+ Eurorack sequence loops. In the third installment of the Euro Munchies series we serve you truly appetizing morsels of analogue … read more

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Samplephonics launches Analogue Sale – 50% off selected packs

Samplephonics has announced its Analogue Sale, offering a 50% discount on selected sample libraries. Drum samples, vintage sequencers, synths and more… We’re offering a massive 50% off all of our analogue based products, including some … read more

ADSR Sounds launches Reaktor Masterclass video tutorial series

ADSR Sounds has launched Reaktor Masterclass, a video tutorial series on the modular synthesizer studio by Native Instruments. As a modular sound studio, Reaktor provides musicians infinite power to create their own instruments, effects, samplers … read more

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