Nektar intros Reaper support for Panorama controller

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Nektar Technology has announced it has updated its award winning Panorama Controller series announcing deep integration with Reaper, the popular DAW developed by Cockos.

Nektar Panorama gets Reaper support

With Panorama, Reaper users now benefit from transparent mixer control, transport and navigation plus for instruments and effects, Nektar’s acclaimed plugin map technology originally introduced for Cubase and Nuendo.

Panorama’s plugin map technology works transparently through Reaper, free from plugin wrappers or 3rd party software. A press of the instrument button on Panorama maps any inserted VSTi, AU or DX instrument’s plugin parameters to Panorama controls. Parameter names and values are presented on Panorama’s high-res color display so you always know where you are and what you are controlling. Nektar mapped instruments can be navigated using a transparent menu system. Select Filter, control the filter, select LFO, control the LFO…it’s that simple.

Map files can be customized or created by the user using a unique learn function. And if multiple instruments are present on the same track, a simple selection menu allows complete navigation between the layered instruments.

When it’s time to mix, Panorama’s Mixer mode transforms the instrument to a complete mixing console. Control up to 8 channels in a bank using the first 8 45mm faders and press bank over to control any additional channels. Options to control mute, solo, pan and sends are included for all 8 channels. Panorama’s motorized fader (P4 and P6 only) follows track selection for instant access to volume control at any time, in any mode.

Channel strip control includes

  • EQ, with the ability to create an EQ when none is present,
  • Inserts with navigation of 16 insert slots and Nektar plugin mapping
  • FX Sends control up to 16 sends levels
  • Channel for channel activity, read and write automation

Transport allows hands-on control and navigation of the entire DAW including setting loop points and changing tempo. There are also dedicated ‘global’ controls for patch browsing, Track navigation and the usual transport controls. All this makes perfect for a truly mouse-free experience.

Reaper integration is free for all owners of Nektar Panorama advanced workflow keyboards and is available to download from Nektar’s website now.

More information: Nektar / Panorama


Nektar ships Impact LX 88 controller keyboard + MainStage 3 support for Panorama announced

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Nektar has announced it is now shipping the Impact LX 88, the flagship product in the Impact line and the first Nektar keyboard featuring an 88 note semi-weighted keybed.

Nektar Impact LX 88

Developed for keyboard and piano players who need a full-range keyboard, the Impact LX88 is designed with performance in mind. Functions such as split, layer and MIDI out are included giving the performer the ability to set split point, program MIDI channels, Octave and transpose settings, send our program changes for each zone on the fly. A fully featured USB controller keyboard, the Impact LX88 delivers 9 faders, 9 control buttons, 8 pots, 6 transport buttons, 8 velocity sensitive pads, foot switch socket, MIDI out and control wheels. 5 user presets are designed for GM setups, “MIDI learn” capable DAWs and other music software.

The Impact LX88 in addition is fully supported by Nektar DAW Integration, giving it the same pre-mapped control power as the Impact LX25, LX49 and LX61 keyboards. Nektar Impact DAW Integration currently supports Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Digital Performer, FL Studio, GarageBand, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason, Studio One and Sonar with additional template setups for Ableton Live and Avid Pro Tools.

Nektar DAW Integration offers custom integration with a common workflow. As such, working with supported DAWs, Impact LX88 goes way beyond the typical basic Mixer mapping. Users of supported DAWs will be able to navigate tracks, switch between controlling mixer or instruments, trigger and set loop points, switch metronome on/off, Undo and more.

Nektar Impact LX88 is available immediately in some territories and will be available in stores worldwide at the end of February with an MSRP of $329.99 USD/289.99 EUR/£219.99 GBP.

Nektar has also announced that the Panorama integrated keyboard controller products P1, P4 and P6, now features integrated support for Apple MainStage 3.

Nektor Panorama MainStage 3 support

Apple MainStage 3 is already the standard for using computer software as a rig for live performances. Adding Panorama to the system takes MainStage to another level, providing complete transparency for the musician operating MainStage without having to keep a computer monitor within view.

The custom integration for MainStage is entirely focused on live performance. All the important information is immediately visible on Panorama’s high-resolution TFT display including Smart Control mappings, parameter values and the current Patch name in large font.

Panorama’s menu system allows for navigating Sets and Patches with a secondary navigation system offering direct selection via the 8 LED buttons.

Panorama supports all MainStage template concerts mapping controls automatically:

  • Comprehensive and transparent navigation of Sets and Patches
  • Smart Controls by default mapped to the 16 encoders
  • Tonewheel Organ drawbars mapped to the 9 faders
  • Master Volume is always available on the 100mm Alps motorized fader (P4 & P6 only)
  • Play, cycle, stop and marker controls mapped to Panorama’s transport panel controls
  • Mixer Mutes and Solos mapped to the 9 Fader buttons

Panorama’s controls can also be customized through MainStage’s layout view offering full flexibility to meet any need for even the most unique concert peformances.

MainStage integration is free to existing Panorama users becoming available early February 2015.

More information: Nektar


Nektar launches Impact iX 49 & iX 69 controllers

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Nektar Impact iX 49

Nektar has announced the availability of its Impact iX 49 and iX 61 controller keyboards with DAW Control and comfortable iPad connectivity, including Presonus Studio One Artist.

Nektar products are synonymous with DAW integration and the Impact iX49 and Impact iX61 are no exception. Their deceptively minimalist appearance hides powerful functionality not even found on more comprehensive controllers.

The Impact iX keyboards offer standard USB keyboard controller functionality as well as Nektar DAW integration with no less than 11 DAWs. The full-size keyboards feature pitch bend, modulation wheel and a foot switch jack for connecting a sustain pedal.

Being USB class compliant the keyboards can be plugged easily into the computer or iPad, no drivers required. This makes it possible to start composing using existing MIDI software or the included Presonus Studio One Artist DAW instantly.

iX 49 / iX 61 features

  • 49/ 61 note velocity sensitive full size keyboard.
  • Pitch Bend and modulation wheels.
  • Octave buttons.
  • Transpose buttons.
  • Transport mode switches Octaves and Transpose buttons to send out MIDI MMC messages (compatible with Pro Tools).
  • Foot switch input jack.
  • USB powered, Class Compliant (no driver needed).
  • Connects to iPad (via USB adaptor kit, not included).
  • Includes Presonus Studio One Artist.
  • DAW Integration:
    • Navigation of DAW tracks.
    • Change instrument patches.
    • Control track volume.
    • Transport control (Play/Stop/Record/Rewind/Forward).
    • Nektar DAW integration for 11 DAWs including Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Digital Performer, FL Studio, GarageBand, Logic, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason, Sonar and Studio One.

iX49 and iX 61 are available for purchase for MSRP $109.99 USD/99.99 EUR/£79.99 GBP and $129.99 USD/109.99 EUR/£89.99 GBP, respectively. Expected street prices are $99.99 USD/89.99 EUR/£69.99 GBP for the iX 49 and $119.99 USD/99.99 EUR/£79.99 GBP for the iX 61.

More information: Nektar / Impact iX 49 & iX 61


Nektar releases updated Panorama support for Reason 8

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Nektar Panorama Reason 8

Nektar has released a new Panorama Reason installer delivering full Panorama compatibility with Reason 8 as well as backwards compatibility from Reason 5 and up.

New features include the ability to create devices in Reason 8, directly from Panorama, by selecting Reason default devices from a Panorama popup menu or navigating Rack Extensions in the Reason 8 browser. Building a track from scratch without the use of a mouse, is now a reality with Panorama.

A General MIDI setup has also been created for External MIDI Instruments providing parameter names for each control according to the GM specifications.

In addition, mapping for 24 new Rack Extensions has been added taking the total number of pre-mapped RE’s to 139.

The Panorama update is compatible with Panorama P1, P4 and P6 and is available free to all Panorama users from My Downloads on the Nektar website.

More information: Nektar


Nektar announces Panorama workflow integration with BitWig Studio

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Nektar Panorama integration with Bitwig Studio

Nektar has announced the deep integration with the Bitwig Studio DAW and the Nektar Panorama range of controllers featuring the unique and musician friendly direct DAW integration Nektar P series Keyboards are famous for.

From day one, Bitwig Studio will benefit from the extensive and transparent Panorama workflow integration that allows for controlling the Bitwig Studio mixer, instruments, effects, transport plus clip and scene launching right from Panorama P1, P4 or P6.

Building on Panorama’s workflow concept developed first for Reason and Cubase, additional functionality has been added to take full advantage of the Bitwig Studio controller API. This includes the ability to browse the instrument and effects device libraries of patches by category or creator, right from Panorama.

A step sequencer has also been included using the 8 LED buttons to program any of the up to 32 steps in a sequence. Panorama creates the events directly in Bitwig Studio so they are instantly part of a song and ready for further manipulation.
Taking advantage of the pads on the Panorama P4 and P6, it’s possible to trigger, create and record clips and scenes in absolute real-time. The Panorama display provides constant updates to show which clips are currently active, including the name of the clips available on the current track.

All things considered and also taking into account the compatibility of BitWig Studio with VST plug-ins, full navigation of all devices and their parameters, complete mixer control including motorized fader – the Panorama/Bitwig Studio combination may well be the most advanced hardware/software combination to date.

Registered owners of Panorama will be able to download the Panorama Bitwig Studio installer on March 26th, 2014.

More information: Nektar


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