Pyjaman releases dtrk (Pluggo)

Pyjaman has released dtrk, a new freeware Pluggo VST plug-in for Windows. dtrk is a freeware VSTi sample player for long mp3 files featuring controls for speed, time and groove. Pyjaman’s plug-ins require the Pluggo … read more

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Zombideo DAX (Pluggo)

Taprik (Zombideo) has released DAX, a freeware Pluggo plugin for Mac OS X and Windows. DAX is a tempo synced delay effect. Features Set amount of delays Feedback control Boost Set beats per measure and … read more

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[CodeOperator] releases URSonic IIR-Reverb

[CodeOperator] has released URSonic IIR-Reverb, a reverb plugin for VST, AU and RTAS made with Pluggo. From the product page: It is very colorfull and has a high density. IIR-Reverb comes with a 5 Band … read more

Soultracker updates Bazz-ID

Soultracker has updated Bazz-ID, a freeware VSTi synth based on FM synthesis. Bazz-ID is a Bassline synth with 3 bass levels, using 3 FM generators (High/Bass and Sub-Bass/Medium). Updated some bugs fixed saving functions are … read more

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Pyjaman releases sqfx, sqrp and sqrpd (Pluggo)

Pyjaman has released three new Pluggo VST plug-ins, sqfx, sqrp and sqrpd. sqfx includes reverb, degrader and frequency shift effects, which can be triggered by a step sequencer. It has many randomize options (seq, fx, … read more

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Andrew Burgess releases gatr, werd, gleck, reanimator, dirt/sky (Pluggo plug-ins)

Andrew Burgess has released a bunch of Pluggo plug-ins. gatr provides a beat-syncronised gate (whole to 1/64th notes) with volume sliders for each step, also a multimode filter and delay/reverb werd contains 2 independent delay … read more

Pyjaman releases rdmdg (Pluggo)

Pyjaman has released rdmdg, a free Pluggo VST degrader effect plug-in with random function. Features amount of fx level random control speed control degrade control, maximum degrade force setting (max=1/min=100) This plug-in requires the Pluggo … read more

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Pyjaman releases strr, frnds and frndsab (Pluggo)

Pyjaman has added a few new Pluggo plug-ins to his collection, strr, frnds and frndsab. strr is an experimental beat slicer that works like an arpeggiator on the slices/notes played. After loading a sample you … read more

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Soultracker releases PolyRythmic Sequencer v.03 LE

Soultracker has released PolyRythmic Sequencer v.03 LE, a freeware rhythmbox VSTi plug-in. Features Loads user samples, played according to a pattern Samples can be pitched according a definite sequence Samples can be played as a … read more

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Pyjaman’s Pluggo Collection

Pyjaman’s Pluggo Collection consists of a number of experimental plug-ins (currently 13) including beat slicers, buffer loopers and sequencers with various randomize controls. You will need Cycling ’74 Pluggo to use these plug-ins, so get … read more

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Pierre Couprie releases Le Synthé V4

Pierre Couprie has released Le Synthé V4 (version 4.1), a free VSTi plug-in based on the EMS Synthi AKS. I can’t really find any information about what’s new in this latest version of Le Synthé … read more

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Ms Pinky releases Pinky Pluggo

Ms Pinky has released Pinky Pluggo, a plugin that allows users of VST, AudioUnit, and RTAS-compatible host programs running under both OSX and WinXP to seamlessly integrate Ms Pinky’s vinyl-controlled audio file playback and scratching … read more

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Cycling ’74 announces the release of Hipno 1.0

Hipno is built using Pluggo technology to create over 40 plug-ins from video-controlled modulated delays to stunning granular sequencing effects. What does Hipno offer? Granular Presence Granular processing has become very popular for all sorts … read more

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