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Psychic Modulation announces return of Aethereal

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Psychic Modulation Aethereal

Psychic Modulation has once again released Aethereal, an ambient vector synth for creating evolving atmospheres and textures.

Due to popular demand, Aethereal has returned!
The Neurosynth Pack will remain unavailable, but Aethereal will be available for download and purchase, and will be updated as often as possible

Aethereal comes equipt with over 100 built in sampled sounds such as synth tones, atmospheres, vocal pads and sound FX. The sounds can be loaded into four wave oscillators which can be mixed between using a sophisticated 4-Way TransMixer, either manually, with auto-modulation or in a set transition from one sound to the next.

Aethereal features

  • Over 100 built in sounds.
  • Four wave oscillators with independant amp envelopes; the oscillators are divided into two sections that can be routed to seperate audio output channels.
  • 4-Way TransMixer for making set transitions from one sound to another; can also be used for manual or automatic mixing.
  • Multi-Vector for modulating various parameters in an X/Y path (modulation equivelnt of 8 LFOs; 2 dedicated to the 4-Way TransMixer).
  • 16-Step Modulation Sequencer – For sequenced modulation of pitch and filters.
  • Two filter sections, each with independant envelopes, inverters, gain compensation & multiple stages (1-4).
  • Three modulation envelopes.
  • Dual Stereo Delay section.
  • Assignable pitchbend and modwheel.
  • 64 presets.

Aethereal is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC for $24.95 USD. A demo version (with occasional sound dropouts) can be downloaded from the product page.

Visit Psychic Modulation for more information and audio demos.


Psychic Modulation ceases development and releases freeware synths

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Psychic Modulation Meteorite

Physic Modulation has recently announced it will cease development.

The news page reads:

The Neurosynth Pack will no longer be available, but Arptron, Meteorite and Photon will now be available as freeware.

This website will remain an archive for the freeware plugins that I have released throughout the years, which will remain available for download.

New plug-ins available as freeware

  • Arptron — a binary arp-synth with crossfading oscillators, part VA, part phase distortion. Equipt with an onboard dual delay section and external audio processing.
  • Meteorite — a 3 oscillator virtual analog performance synthesizer.
  • Photon — a strange hybrid synth with an with an experimental ‘warp’ engine for creating evolving rythmic sequences, random arpeggios and classic Sample&Hold style arcade wierdness.

These (and other PM) plug-ins are available as VST instruments and effects for Windows PC.

Visit Physic Modulation for more information.

Thanks Jack R, for your hard work and the lovely plug-ins you’ve generously offered freely throughout the years.


Psychic Modulation releases Cerebrum v4.0

Psychic Modulation Cerebrum v4.0

Psychic Modulation has released version 4.0 of Cerebrum, a sophisticated groovebox-style drum machine with onboard sequencers that flawlessly follow your host, allowing for serious beat creation.

Cerebrum v4.0 features

  • 8 drum synth modules.
  • 2 sampler modules.
  • 1 bass synth module.
  • 16 step sequencer for each module.
  • Bass sequencer has 32 steps.
  • Ability to store and switch three sequence patterns with each module.
  • velocity grid for each drum/sampler sequencer.
  • Note grid for bass sequencer.
  • Random sequence probability.
  • Random velocity probability.
  • Each sequencer has independant control of speed, length, etc..
  • Host sync.
  • Bass sequencer can alter note range via midi keyboard.
  • Onboard drum mixer.
  • Mute/solo switches for each module.
  • Multiple audio outputs (channels 1-6).

Cerebrum 4.0 costs $34.95 USD. A demo version with occasional sound dropout replaced with soft tone is available for download.

Visit Psychic Modulation for more information.


Psychic Modulation updates Cerebrum to v3.5

Psychic Modulation Cerebrum v3.5

Psychic Modulation has released version 3.5 of Cerebrum, the sophisticated synth/sample hybrid groovebox with an onboard bassline synth.

Changes in v3.5

  • new ‘lite’ structure; less demanding on resources
  • combined kick 1/2, snare 1/2
  • kick, snare, hihat & perc1 now each have thier own imbedded sample synth
  • perc2 left unchanged with wavlayer
  • added mute/solo buttons to each module
  • added patch randomization to each module
  • improved midi triggering
  • each sequencer can now be assigned to a different key and octave
  • added reset option to bass lfo
  • updated presets
  • small gui updates
  • various minor bugfixes

Cerebrum is available for Windows PC for $34.95 USD. It is also part of the Neurosynth Pack, which includes all the current full versions, future updates, and future additions ($79.95 USD).

Visit Psychic Modulation for more information and a link to download a demo of Cerebrum.


Psychic Modulation updates Cubix to v1.2

Psychic Modulation Cubix

Psychic Modulation has released version 1.2 of Cubix, the freeware drumsynth/sampleplayer with an onboard arpeggiated bassline synth for Windows PC.

Changes in v1.2

  • added patch randomization to each module
  • added mute/solo switches to each module
  • improved midi triggering system
  • improved bass sequencer functionality
  • bass arp and sequencer can now work together rather than one or the other
  • each sequencer can now be assigned to a different key; bass can be assigned to different octaves and ranges
  • fixed: first step not playing on midi trigger
  • fixed: unsynced play now starts from first step while synced play follows host
  • various minor bugfixes

Visit Psychic Modulation for more information, and a link to download Cubix.


Psychic Modulation updates Optik to v1.4

Psychic Modulation Optik

Psychic Modulation has updated Optik to version 1.4.

Optik is a freeware simple, yet effective drum synth featuring 7 drums slots, an onboard drum mixer, multiple outputs and 16 kits.

Updated in v1.4

  • added patch randomization buttons to each drum
  • added leds to each drum for better comprehension
  • minor gui improvments

Visit Psychic Modulation for more information and a link to download Optik v1.4.


Psychic Modulation updates Minimal to v1.5

Psychic Modulation Minimal

Psychic Modulation has updated Minimal to version 1.5.

Minimal is a mini groovebox style drum machine with onboard bass synth.

Updated in v1.5

  • added patch randomization buttons to each drum, bass and keygrid
  • sequencers now ignore patch change, allowing several different patches per sequence bank
  • minor gui improvements

Visit Psychic Modulation for more information and a link to download Minimal v1.5.