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Shuriken releases WhatChord VST plugin

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Shuriken has announced WhatChord, a chord detection plug-in for Mac.

This VST plugin tries to shows you what chord you are playing.

The plug-in is available to download for Mac OS X, free of charge.

More information: Shuriken / WhatChord


Shuriken releases BitTest

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Shuriken has announced the release of BitTest, a free bitcrusher effect plug-in for Mac.

BitTest is a sweet little bitcrusher VST, it converts your data to 8 bits, then you can turn the bit’s off (the top row) or invert them (the bottom row) individually. That is you can individually flip and invert the bits.

And that is all this little baby does, but she does it well.

Shuriken BitTest
Shuriken BitTest – bitcrusher effect for Mac

BitTest is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Mac.

More information: Shuriken / BitTest


Rusty Trombone releases Erectifier

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Rusty Trombone Erectifier

Rusty Trombone has released Erectifier, a freeware doubler/phaser effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

A little while ago, we, Rusty Trombone of very little fame discussed how to get our music better (specifically the singing) and also how to get more ppl to notice us. So we commissioned this little VST from world famous VST developer, to give away for free, as marketing. Yeah, baby, for free, as marketing. Hopefully this will be as awesome for us as it is for you. Let us warn you though, we seldom read manuals, and we’ve never written anything like this. Anyways if you could listen a little to our music, tip a few friends of our music, be our friend at myspace, that would be awesome. please, we are begging, our knees are bleeding. puhlease.

Erectifier features

  • Doubler/phaser effect designed to widen and phatten.
  • LFO controls echo (length and speed controls).
  • Filter: LowPass, HighPass or Allpass + cut Hz.
  • Distortion effect.
  • Ampily signal control.
  • On/off for each signal.
  • Dry/through to mix the effect.

Erectifier is available as a freeware effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Check the Rusty Trombone blog for more information, an audio demos and a link to download Erectifier.


Shuriken releases CopyShop2

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Shuriken CopyShop2

Shuriken has released CopyShop2, a buffer chopping / FSU effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

This my friend is a what you would call a FSU VST, all it does is chopping up buffers and plays them back. of-course you can choose the length of the piece of audio played back and when to apply it. New for version 2 is a pitch control, and boy can that make fun noises

Blargh its hard to explain what it does, throw it into your DAW feed it some audio and press the
little button. Then tweak the big knob. then press the button again, that’s how it works and what it
does pretty simple.

CopyShop2 also has some shortcuts to set the played back pieces to rhythmically valid values. You won’t find these in the GUI but they can be automated.

CopyShop2 is available as a freeware plug-in for Windows and Mac (except for when you’re Timbaland). Donations are appreciated.

Visit Shuriken for more information.


Shuriken releases Eckel

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Shuriken Eckel

Shuriken has released Eckel, a MIDI generating VST plug-in based on the eucledian algorithm.

Inspired by and the linked PDF. If you are reading this there is a good chance that you have read that already

Eckel features

  • There are 8 instances of the generating part.
  • Pulse is the actual sounding beats, space is the space between the pulses.
  • Speed is how fast they come, 0 is 4th 1 is 8th’s etc.
  • Note is the MIDI note that the algorithm spews out.

Eckel is available as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows and Mac. Larsby writes: How you actually make it work in your host is up to you to find out. Remember that Eckel sends MIDI note on and off’s.

Visit Shuriken for more information.


Shuriken releases Shredder

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Shuriken Shredder

Shuriken has released Shredder, a sampler designed to be easy to use and fun to play with.

From the Shredder page:

Shredder samples on your command (via MIDI notes on) and replays (also via MIDI notes) in different modes (choosen by the user) and tweakable pitches (tweakable by the user that is).

Check this YouTube video for a better understanding of what this plugin does. There’s also a manual available.

Shredder is released as donationware for and you can download a version for Mac OSX and Windows.


Shuriken updates Kerrstinn to v1.2

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Shuriken Kerrstinn v1.2

Shuriken has updated Kerrstinn to version 1.2.

Kerrstinn, Weapon of Break Construction, is a great little plug-in to slice and rearrange your loops in a random but controllable way.

Updated in v1.2

  • Bugfixes (stability greately improved)
  • New GUI
  • New generators
  • Slightly modified license

Now about that modified license?…

If you are Timbaland or have been associated with him, you may NOT use this plugin. If you do anyway you give me (Johan Larsby) all your intellectual property. This clause may be changed for a hefty sum of money, contact me for further information.

Ahh…. Neat!

Visit Shuriken for more information and a link to download Kerrstinn (Win/MacOSX)