Mixvibes releases Cross DJ v2.0 app for iOS

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Mixvibes has released version 2.0 of Cross DJ for iOS, a major new version of the DJ app for iPad and iPhone, bringing in fresh graphics, a redesigned layout and an all-new waveform view.

Mixvibes Cross DJ

Real DJing on iPad: Turn your iPad into a complete DJ system! Mix your iTunes tracks in perfect sync, add effects, loops and more. Automix your songs for non-stop music. Record your set and share it on SoundCloud. Music lovers, mix at your next party and impress your friends. Pro DJs, Cross DJ uses the same engine as Pioneer’s rekordbox. It’s like having 2 CDJs in your pocket.

Changes in Cross DJ v2.0.5

  • New interface
    • Geometric shapes and clean textures.
    • Bigger EQs, larger pads, full display of artwork on the decks.
    • 2 main colors, consistent with Mixvibes graphic identity.
    • Faster app runtime & 50% smaller app size.
  • Hardware-inspired layout
    • EQ visible all the time.
    • Separate tabs: swipe to display a different tab on each deck (e.g FX + loops).
    • Bigger and more accurate pitch-bend zone.
  • Waveform view
    • Hit the sync meter to access this new view.
    • Pitch sliders for tempo control.
    • Pitch-bend mode for nudging..
    • Beat grid editing made simple: double or halve BPM with 1 button.

For a limited time, Cross DJ for iPad and iPhone is available at a 30% discount in a Christmas Sale. The update is free for all current users.

More information: Mixvibes


Primal Audio releases FM4 synth for iOS

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Primal Audio has launched FM4, a synthesizer app for iOS.

Primal Audio FM4

FM4 is a four operator FM synthesizer for iPad. Modelled on the first commercially available FM synths from the 1980s FM4 provides the same gritty sound, with a modern interface, and without being bound by the limitations of the original units. For example we have thrown in an arpeggiator, a thick unison mode, and a pitch envelope with a tweakable curve ideal for percussive sounds. Thus FM4 is capable of producing a multitude of sounds, ranging from punchy basses, crystal-clear bells, and lush pads, to organic textures, striking drums, and piercing leads.

FM4 features

  • 4 operators, configurable via eight different routings.
  • 3 sound engines modelled on 1980s hardware units.
  • 8 waveforms derived from classic FM synths.
  • Unison: 2x, 3x, and 4x — works in polyphonic mode.
  • Microtuning with eight different temperaments.
  • Arpeggiator, tempo-syncable with up, down, up-down, and random patterns.
  • Connectivity: supports Inter-App Audio, Background Audio, and MIDI (Audiobus is planned).
  • Polyphonic: 8 voices on iPad-mini/iPad 2, 24 voices on iPad Air.
  • 128 Presets organised into eight banks — user presets can be imported/exported through iTunes.

The app is available for purchase for the introductory price of $0.99 USD through December, 2014.

More information: Primal Audio


Amazing Noises releases Limiter for iOS

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Amazing Noises has launched Limiter, an Audiobus and Inter-App audio effect.

Amazing Noises Limiter

A brickwall peak limiting app, for the complete control of your audio volume. Please note that this app is made for Audiobus and Inter-App Audio; it is not intended to be used as standalone!

The Amazing Noises Limiter it has a wide range of dynamic processing: from very gentle volume attenuation to heavy distortion (if you want it!).

Limiter features

  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support.
  • Brickwall Limiter.
  • Live Normalizer.
  • Control Manager LFO for Parameters.
  • Midibus, Virtual Midi and Network: 14 bit NRPN controllers.
  • Snapshots Presets Morphing Pad.

The app is available for purchase for $0.99 USD.

More information: Amazing Noises / Limiter


MOTU ships Windows support for AVB audio products

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MOTU AVB Windows support

MOTU has announced it is now shipping Windows 7- and 8-compatible USB 2.0 ASIO and Wave drivers for their new line of AVB-equipped audio interface products, including the 1248, 8M, 16A, 24Ai, 24Ao and Monitor 8.

Users can connect their MOTU interface to a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on their PC for multi-channel audio I/O with any ASIO- or Wave-compatible host software.

“We’re excited that Windows users can now take full advantage of MOTU’s groundbreaking deployment of AVB audio interface technology in these award-winning products,” said Jim Cooper, Director of Marketing at MOTU.

The Windows driver installer is now available as a free download to all MOTU AVB interface owners at motu.com/avb, where a free download of MOTU’s AudioDesk 4 workstation software for Windows is also available.

Concurrent with the Windows driver release is another “one-click” field-upgradable firmware update for all MOTU AVB audio interfaces that introduces several enhancements, including optional stereo TOSLink (optical S/PDIF) support for MOTU’s 1248, 8M and 16A models.

More information: MOTU / AVB audio interfaces


Audanika releases Soundprism Electro

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Audanika has announced the release of Soundprism Electro, a brand new addition to the SoundPrism family.

The new app features a vastly improved sound engine, which is now capable of allowing the user to play multiple sounds at the same time while ensuring rock solid performance. SoundPrism Electro’s new input modes enable musicians to control bass, chords and melody with just just one tap. Another new feature of SoundPrism Electro is the ribbon controller which enables musicians to perform more expressively. With its full support for Virtual MIDI, SoundPrism Electro is an excellent MIDI controller allowing users to control other music apps in real time. The internal sound engine can also be controlled by other MIDI capable apps or hardware controllers.

SoundPrism Electro’s brand new interactive tutorial system, which explains each part of the app step by step, reacts to users’ input and guides them through Electro’s beautiful interface.

SoundPrism Electro is compatible with iPad 2 and newer devices and requires iOS 8.0. Audanika is part of the team behind Audiobus, so it’s no surprise that SoundPrism Electro is fully compatible with Audiobus, including support for Audiobus state saving.

SoundPrism Electro is available for purchase for the introductory price of $4.99 USD/£2.99 GBP/4.49 EUR.

More information: Audanika / Soundprism Electro


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