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AGZFX04: Pink Piano—Free sample pack at Audio Geek Zine

Audio Geek Zine Pink Piano

Audio Geek Zine has released Pink Piano, a free sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The Pink Piano is made from a First Act brand “Grand Piano” I found at a thrift store. It’s made of cheap wood and the sound is created by the clacky plastic keys hitting some metal tines inside. It sounds broken. My kid loves it and like all musical toys I buy, I planned to meticulously sample it.

The recording was done at 24-bit; 96kHz using a pair of small diaphragm cardioid condensers and an omni condenser in the center. Each note was recorded at 3 velocities. Noise reduction was applied, the three mics were mixed, then each note was cut with the perfect start time, length and each set of velocities was set to specific peak levels. Finally the files were mapped across the keys in KONTAKT. This was all incredibly time consuming.

The sample pack is a free download.

More information: Audio Geek Zine / Pink Piano

little-scale releases Circuit Bent Duck free sample pack

Sebastian Tomczak of little-scale has released Circuit Bent Duck, a free collection of samples featuring sounds of a circuit bent toy.

Fifty tasty samples of a circuit bent duck, recorded directly from a modified children’s toy. Royalty free, copyright free, license free, restriction free.

The pack is a free download at little-scale.

More information: Circuit Bent Duck

iZotope releases Toys Sound Library for Iris

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iZotope Toys

iZotope has announced the release of the Toys sound library for exclusive use with Iris, iZotope’s groundbreaking visual instrument.

This entertaining and surprise-packed Sound Library plays on childhood nostalgia, evoking emotions ranging from joyful happiness to nightmarish terror.

Create youth-inspired soundscapes for any purpose with one of one hundred professionally-designed patch presets, like Lunchbox Lead, Unicorn Tears, Peanut Butter Nap, Mood Ring, and Candy from Strangers. Alternatively, open up the Sound Library’s toy box of audio samples and discover over two hundred new sounds to manipulate within Iris, including wooden blocks, laser guns, dollhouses, wind-up cars, squeak-toys and xylophones.

Nurtured from a diverse selection of childhood favorites, Toys is the perfect sound set for those looking to add professional playfulness to their sound design work. Whether scoring for a blockbuster film or just playing around, Toys will keep you occupied for hours of audio mischief.

Other Iris Sound Libraries by iZotope include: Food, Glass, and Wood.

The Toys library is available to purchase for an MSRP of $49 USD.

More information: iZotope / Toys

Get Puremagnetik Glitch, Toy & LoFi Bundle for just $9.99

Puremagnetik Glitch, Toy & LoFi Bundle

Puremagnetik is offering its Glitch, Toy & LoFi Bundle of sample packs at a great discount for a limited time.

This week only, get all of Puremagnetik’s glitchy, chippy, 8-bit computer and toy sounds for under $10 (normally a $120 value). This bundle comes packed with 10 Micropaks and over 1 Gigabyte of samples from toys, vintage video game chips, circuit bent devices and more!

Glitch, Toy & LoFi Bundle includes over 1GB of sounds from the following Micropaks: alphaSynth, Bender, Blip, ToyBox 1, ToyBox 2, Artifact, Ultrakord, Hackshop, PunchPak, Eight Bit. Everything is delivered in Ableton Live 8, Kontakt 4/5 and Logic 8/9 formats.

The bundle is available to purchase for $9.99 USD until Saturday September 8th, 2012.

More information: Puremagnetik

Eric Beam releases ARP Oscillator, Evil Toy & Axxe 101 sample libraries

Eric Beam has recently released three sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt and IK Multimedia SampleTank.

Eric Beam Samples
Eric Beam has sampled a vintage ARP Axxe monophonic analog synthesizer.

Eric Beam Samples

  • ARP Oscillator
    • Vintage ARP oscillator sample patch for Native Instruments Kontakt.
    • RAW unaltered capture without filtering or modulation. Intended to be paired with any Filter/ADSR of your choosing (Examples – Virtual instruments with external audio filtering, FabFilter Volcano, Plogue bidule, Reaktor, etc). Perfect for creating analog sourced hybrid synthesis.
    • Saw, Square, & Noise waveforms.
    • Multi-Sampled @ 24/96.
  • Evil Toy
    • Children’s Toy Piano for Native Instruments Kontakt & IK Multimedia SampleTank.
    • 30 key, multi-velocity stereo samples @ 24/96.
  • Axxe 101
    • Vintage “Axxe” mono synth patch for Native Instruments Kontakt & IK Multimedia SampleTank.
    • 60 notes sampled @ 24/96.

The sampler patches are available to purchase ranging in price from $2 to $13 USD.

More information: Signaltonoize

UVI launches Summer Deal: Up to 40% off all UVI toys collections

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UVI Summer Deal Toy Collections

UVI has announced a summer deal for its Toy Collection sample libraries.

Until July 15th, UVI offers up to 40% off all UVI toys collections. Download only.

UVI Summer Deal

  • Complete Toy Museum features tons of marvelous ready-to-play presets from more than 300 musical toys. Contains both UVI Acoustic Toy Museum and UVI Electric Toy Museum. 40% off ▶ $299 instead of $499.
  • Acoustic Toy Museum is an outstanding collection of exclusive acoustic toys around the world: toy pianos & keys, xylo & metal, bells, toy guitars, music boxes, baby drums, etc. 25% off ▶ $262 instead of $349.
  • Electric Toy Museum – More than 1 000 presets and 14 000 samples of 97 incredible sounding toys from the 60s, 70s and 80s. 10 categories: children, developed, drums & FX, mini sampler, musical toys, organ basic, silly, small, speech, style-o-phone. 25% off ▶ $186 instead of $249.

The sale ends July 15th, 2012.

More information: UVI / Toy Collection

Bedroom Producers Blog releases Yamaha DD-10 Toy Drum Machine Sessions

BPB Yamaha DD-10 Toy Drum Machine Sessions

Bedroom Producers Blog has released the Yamaha DD-10 Toy Drum Machine Sessions, a free sample pack featuring all 25 drum sounds of the original DD-10 drum machine.

For all you toy instrument aficionados out there, here’s a free sample pack featuring the sounds of my Yamaha DD-10 toy drum machine.

Definitely not the sort of drum machine you’d compare to legendary instruments like the Oberheim DMX and such, but there’s something about these lo-fi (some would say crappy) drum sounds that I simply can’t resist.

Yamaha DD-10 Toy Drum Machine Sessions features

  • 25 WAV files (24-bit)
  • Kontakt 5, Shortcircuit 1, Poise patches
  • 2.67MB download size (3.35MB on disk)

The sound library is a free download at BPB.

More information: Bedroom Producers Blog / Yamaha DD-10 Toy Drum Machine Sessions

UVI Complete Toy Museum 50% off

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UVI Complete Toy Museum

UVI has announced a limited time promotion for its Complete Toy Museum sound library bundle.

Due to popular demand, here again a 50% off on Complete Toy Museum. During 10 days, from April 17th to 27th, enjoy this extravagant collection at $299* only. Save up to $300 this summer!

Complete Toy Museum features tons of marvellous “ready-to-play” presets from more than 300 musical toys. A massive 20 GB library containing 21 000+ samples and loops, carefully recorded in 24 bit / 96 kHz with the best sounding gear.

More information: UVI Sound Source