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Vengeance Sound releases Vengeance Producer Suite: Essential FX Bundle + 20% off Christmas Sale

Vengeance Sound has announced the release of the Essential FX Bundle, a collection of Vengeance Producer Suite effect plug-ins.

This massive effects bundle contains 15 – !) unique effects from Vengeance-Sound. These little helpers will become indispensable in your production environment.

Vengeance Sound Essential FX Bundle

Essential FX Bundle features

  • 15 Plugins in one big Bundle.
  • Impulse reverb comes with over 60 first class impulse responses.
  • Every plugin has a built in limiter (you can turn it off if you want).
  • Essential tools for every situation.
  • Dynamics: EQ, Limiter, Compressor, Clip Distortion, Multiband Distortion.
  • Modulation: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, MultiMod (FM, RingMod and Autopan!)
  • Delay and reverb: Delay, Trashverb, GatedReverb, Impulse (Impulse Response Reverb).
  • Special fx: Bitcrusher, Stereo Matrix (m/s manipulation).
  • Unbeatable price: 6,60€ per plugin is a no brainer.
  • Many cool presets included, optimized for modern club music by Manuel Schleis.
  • All parameters are automatable (host).
  • A big and smooth Mix knob is the center of every plugin.
  • VST / PC & Intel Mac VST / AU & RTAS – runs in all compatible hosts.
  • 32 / 64 Bit and VST3 standard.

The bundle is currently available to purchase for a special Christmas price of 99 EUR / £85 GBP / $140 USD (regular 149 EUR). Requires eLicenser dongle.

More information: Vengeance Sound / Essential FX Bundle

reFX introduces Rhythm Guitars Vol.1 by Vengeance

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Vengeance Rhythm Guitars Vol 1

reFX has announced Rhythm Guitars Vol.1, a new sample pack by Vengeance.

Finally! A guitar sample pack from Vengeance! With more than 1.4GB of data spread over 1150 WAV files, contemporary producers will find a whole world of guitars, perfectly tailored for modern dance music! Every guitar loop is recorded by an industry professional using the highest quality gear.

Layer guitar beneath your chart vocals in the break, or use them as the main element for your club track, everything you need is here! This pack is extremely flexible: each guitar construction kit contains guitar loops in each note, (C, C#, D, D#, etc.), in both major and minor!

The chords can be arranged just the way you want them. Just select the desired guitar (Nylon, Latin, Electro, Steel, Distortion, etc…), then choose and integrate the rhythm chords of your song. It’s that easy!

Rhythm Guitars Vol 1 features

  • More than 1000 professionally recorded guitar samples.
  • Contains guitar construction kits.
  • Each construction kit contains every note (c, c#, d, d# etc.).
  • Each construction kit in minor and major scale.
  • Guitars: nylon, electric, wha wha, steel, distortion etc.
  • Outstanding recording quality with the most expensive amps and mixers.
  • Played by professional guitarists.
  • Contains huge bonus folder with guitar melody loops.
  • Over 1400 MB material spread over 1150 files.
  • 16bit, 44.1khz, stereo, wav format.

The sample pack is available to purchase for 79 EUR.

More information: reFX / Rhythm Guitars Vol.1

reFX releases Vengeance Essential Dubstep Vol 1, Future Arps 3 released + Nexus2 updated

reFX has announced the release of the Essential Dubstep Vol.1 sample pack by Vengeance. reFX is now the exclusive distributor of all Vengeance samplepacks and soundsets.

reFX Vengeance Essential Dubstep Vol 1

The long awaited Vengeance Dubstep Sample pack is here! More than 2,500 furious dubstep and Complextro sounds representing today’s most popular music styles! At 1.2GB, this comprehensive compendium makes it possible to produce complete dubstep tracks from A to Z!

Included are perfect Dubstep coordinated kicks, cymbals, smashing power snares, powerful synths, massive up and down lifting FX, plus complete beats and phrases as loops. Of particular interest is the “Multi Loop” folder, where each loop is available, broken down into in its components (only hi-hats, just kick/snare, etc…). All loops and tonal Oneshots are included, as usual, with accurate BPM pitch indication. But the best thing about this is the ultra-present sound quality itself – more pressure is simply not possible!

Essential Dubstep Vol.1 is available to purchase for 79 EUR.

reFX has also released Future Arps 3, a new Nexus2 expansion.

reFX Nexus2 Expansions

Future Arps strikes back! Bigger, better, and fatter – Future Arps 3 offers 100% club smashing beats at the push of a button! Whether Dirty Dutch, Dubstep, Progressive House or Complextro, with the FARPS3 you have every must-have modern electro & club sound in your arsenal… Ready, aim, fire!

The Future Arps 3 expansion costs 55 EUR.

Furthermore, Nexus2 was updated to version 2.3.5:

  • Added 16 new modulation-destinations. All eight internal LFOs can now be speed- and depth-modulated via the modmatrix.
  • Fixed a bug where the delay-FX would sometimes be out of tune for the first note.
  • Improved auto-bypass logic for the internal FX.
  • Improved thread-syncronization (faster and more secure).

More information: reFX

Vengeance Sound updates Vengeance Mastering Suite: Multiband Compressor to v1.1

Vengeance Sound Mastering Suite - Multiband Compressor

Vengeance Sound has updated Vengeance Mastering Suite: Multiband Compressor, a compressor effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

This multiband compressor plugin is your perfect choice for a punchy, loud but yet dynamic mix; you may also use it to create unique effects elevating your sound to a completely different level! Choose from 1 to 4 band mode, experience the high quality filters from 6 to 96 db without any phasing issues, use up to 4 independent compressors and limiters, get to know why the New York Compression is so famous and precious … and so much more!

Changes in Vengeance Mastering Suite: Multiband Compressor 1.1

  • Added VST3 version.
  • Added 64-bit version.
  • New mastering limiter – the mastering limiter should sound much better now.
  • Huge CPU improvements.
  • Preset folder can be changed manually.
  • New smoother FFT.
  • Added mono plugin versions for Pro Tools / AU.
  • Bug fixes.

The Vengeance Mastering Suite – Multiband Compressor is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU) for $199 USD/149 EUR/£135 GBP. Requires eLicenser dongle.

More information: Vengeance Sound

Vengeance Sound updates Vengeance Producer Suite: Philta XL to v1.1 (incl. VST3 and 64-bit)

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Vengeance Producer Suite: Philta XL

Vengeance Sound has updated its Vengeance Producer Suite: Philta XL, a filter effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

No, it’s not just another filter. This is big. This is XL! Philta XL offers high quality filters with up to 96 db cutoff – but to get really crazy, you will love to tweak the LFPs and envelope followers of this dude. Get ready!

Changes in Philta XL v1.1

  • A brand new “Dry/Wet” button.
  • Many new presets by Manuel Schleis. Total amount of presets is now 100. New presets makes excessive use of the new “Dry/Wet” button.
  • Improved performance (up to 25%).
  • Added 64-bit Version.
  • Added VST3 Version.
  • Mac: AU recording parameter automation should now record the correct parameter.
  • Bug fix: no more accidentally invalid license errors.

Vengeance Producer Suite: Philta XL is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) priced €49 EUR/£40 GBP/$65 USD.

More information: Vengeance Sound

Vengeance Sound releases Vengeance Vanguard Reloaded Soundset v2 by Versus 5

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reFX Vanguard

Vengeance Sound has released the Vengeance Vanguard Reloaded Soundset v2, a soundset by Versus 5 for the Vanguard virtual synthesizer by reFX.

Vanguard is back with a Vengeance! 128 brand new premium Electro, Dirty Dutch & Progressive House sounds made by Versus 5.

This huge bank provides you with all you need to produce those fat sounds, which rock the clubs today!

Vengeance Vanguard Reloaded Soundset v2 features

  • 128 high quality electro, dirty dutch and house sounds by Versus 5.
  • Modwheel assignment for every preset.
  • Covering various genres ranging from crazy and cool to commercial.
  • Many re creations of famous sounds from the electro charts.
  • All rhythmic elements synced to tempo.
  • No boring stuff – only up-to-date and trendy club sounds.
  • Carefully sorted into categories (Basses, Pads, Leads, FX etc.)

Vengeance Vanguard Reloaded Soundset v2 is available to purchase for €30 EUR/£25 GBP/$40 USD.

More information: Vengeance Sound

Vengeance Sound releases Vengeance Mastering Suite – Stereo Bundle

Vengeance Sound Mastering Suite - Stereo Bundle

Vengeance Sound has announced the release of Vengeance Mastering Suite – Stereo Bundle, a collection of 5 plugins for mastering.

The Vengeance Mastering Suite – Stereo Bundle is a collection of stereo processors that can be used during mastering by contemporary producers.

Beside mastering tasks the user can create stereo material out of mono material with vocals, basslines, guitars, and synths, etc.

Vengeance Mastering Suite – Stereo Bundle features

  • 5 Plug-ins in one Bundle: VMS Shifter, VMS Expander, VMS Stereo Splitter, VMS Analyser, VMS MIDI Transmitter.
  • Complete stereo channel strip: manipulate anything in the stereo field.
  • Can be used for mastering in addition to solo instruments (vocals, basslines, and synths, etc.).
  • Graphic live feedback.
  • 3 EQs.
  • Mono 2 stereo processors: create stereo information from mono material.
  • Stereo compressor (taken from VMS Multiband Compressor).
  • Real-time FFT analyzer, real-time stereo vectorscope, real-time waveform view.
  • Output limiter.
  • Modulation envelope – creative and experimental results: apply a synced envelope to stereo mix level, mono mix level etc.
  • Many presets included: ranging from complete masterings to special FX.
  • All parameters can be automated.

The Vengeance Mastering Suite – Stereo Bundle for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for €99 EUR/£85 GBP/$140 USD. Note: requires eLicenser dongle.

More information: Vengeance Sound

Vengeance releases Total Dance Sounds Vol.1 sample pack

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Vengeance Total Dance Sounds Vol.1

Vengeance has released Total Dance Sounds Vol.1, a new collection of sounds for dance music.

“Vengeance Total Dance Sounds vol.1″ – the name says it all! The new series, with its mix of Oneshot/Single Samples and complete Construction Kits, offers the perfect “Dance-all-in-one” solution.

Total Dance Sounds Vol.1 features

  • More than 1500 high quality Clubsounds from the archives of Stephan Endemann (Mondo)
  • More than 1000 Oneshots Drums, Hihats, Synth Shots, Basses & Percussion Samples
  • 15 fresh Electro Construction Kits & 15 hot Dance/HandsUp Construction Kits
  • 128BPM Drumloop folder, 140BPM Drumloop folder, Melody Loop folder
  • Pre-Shifted Claps all marked with “millisecond length” to pre-shift them
  • Already professional mixed – ready to use in your song project!
  • All synth sounds with exact root key
  • Over 1350 MB material spread over 467 files

Vengeance Total Dance Sounds Vol.1 is available to purchase for 79.99 EUR / £65 GBP / $99 USD.

More information: Vengeance