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Vox announces VDL1 Dynamic Looper

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Vox VDL1 Dynamic Looper

Vox has announced the VDL1, a dynamic looper effect pedal.

Create, play, and dynamically control looped phrases in real time!
The new VOX Dynamic Looper provides optimized effects and musical loop tools that together promise unprecedented new dimensions in live performance!

VDL1 Dynamic Looper features

  • Loop Pedal Processor offering intuitive footpedal control.
  • Infinite recording time using two independent loops (combined loop length up to 90 seconds).
  • Add infinite layers with SOS recording capabilities.
  • Loop Quantize creates specific beat-length phrases that automatically loop on the beat.
  • 11 Pre Effects enhance and morph your instrument’s sound as you play & record loops.
  • Pre Effects include instrument simulations such as bass and acoustic guitar.
  • 11 Loop Effects radically transform the playback of looped phrases.
  • 100 programs (50 preset, 50 user); each offers settings for the Pre Effect and Loop Effect.
  • Overdubbing with undo and redo capabilities.
  • Resample by adding new material onto a phrase being processed by the Loop Effect.
  • Mic input for creating loops using other sources; such as vocals or percussion.
  • Master Limiter maintains a consistent level between the original source and all loops.
  • Three stop modes – clean, delay, and fade – provide more loop playing creativity.
  • Key Lock function locks the panels controls but maintains the pedals for error-free performances.

More information: Vox / VDL1 Dynamic Looper


Martinic Combo Model V, free virtual organ updated to v1.0.5

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Martinic Combo Model V

Martinic has released version 1.0.5 of Combo Model V, a freeware virtual organ instrument for Windows and Mac.

Combo Model V is a freeware virtual combo organ, modelled after a well-known combo organ from the 1960s.

Changes in Combo Model V v1.0.5:

  • [Mac OS X] Added Intel 64-bit AU support.
  • [Mac OS X] Fixed crash in AU Lab when switching to Generic View.
  • [Mac OS X] Fixed memory leaks on loading/saving MIDI map.
  • [AU] Fixed bug with generic UI text input.
  • [VST] Added generic UI text input support.
  • Fixed QC parameter not being updated in GUI after loading project.
  • Removed volume from default MIDI map.
  • True MIDI through.

Combo Model V for PC and Mac (VST/AU) is available to download as freeware instrument plug-in.

More information: Martinic Combo Model V


Martinic updates Combo Model V to v1.0.4

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Martinic Combo Model V

Martinic has released version 1.0.4 of Combo Model V, a free organ instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Combo Model V is a freeware virtual combo organ, modelled after a well-known combo organ from the 1960s.

Changes in Combo Model V v1.0.4

  • Added loading/saving default MIDI map.
  • Added option to clear MIDI CC mappings.
  • Revamped about box.

Combo Model V is available to download as freeware plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: Martinic Combo Model V


Native Instruments Komplete 7 Bundles now available + Reaktor 5.5, Vintage Organs, Rammfire, Traktor’s 12, Reflektor & Reaktor Prism

Native Instruments Komplete 7 / Komplete 7 Elements

Native Instruments has announced the release of three new Komplete 7 bundles.

Welcome to the new world of KOMPLETE, offering a vast range of exceptional products. Maximize your sonic arsenal with the professional KOMPLETE 7 bundle or the perfect introductory bundle KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS.

If you are looking for an individual synth, sampler, or any specific orchestral, piano, guitar or drum sound simply choose from the many specialized KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects. The new world of KOMPLETE offers total expandability and everything a modern producer needs.

Komplete 7 bundles

  • KOMPLETE 7 – With 24 KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects, 10,000 sounds and 90 GB of samples, KOMPLETE 7 overflows with creative inspiration to revolutionize your productions.
  • KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS – Packing a comprehensive selection of 2,000 production-ready sounds and 12 GB of samples, this is the perfect introduction to the world of KOMPLETE.
  • KOMPLETE 7 PLAYERS – Your free entry into the world of KOMPLETE with four powerful NI audio engines, a 1 GB sound library and 450 high-quality presets and effects ready to use in the studio or on stage.

Compared to KOMPLETE 6, KOMPLETE 7 includes 17 additional products, providing you 3,000 additional sounds with 30 GB additional samples.

Native Instruments Reaktor 5.5

The Reaktor 5.5 update includes a number of improvements and additions to the modular studio software, making it even more flexible and powerful.

Changes in Reaktor 5.5

  • Fully reworked, streamlined user interface.
  • Two new synthesis modules: Additive & Modal synthesis.
  • New ensemble content: Lazerbass, Electronic Instruments 1 & 2.
  • Revised structure editor and audio engine.
  • Reworked documentation.

The release of KOMPLETE 7 introduces a number of new products which are also available seperately.

Native Instruments Vintage Organs, Rammfire, Traktor's 12, Reflektor, Reaktor Prism

Part of the KOMPLETE instruments and effects family, VINTAGE ORGANS includes the sounds of the Hammond® B-3, C-3 and M-3 models, the Vox Continental™ II and the Farfisa® Compact, recorded in highest quality from the original instruments exclusively by Native Instruments. The Organ and Amp pages provide full control over sound through drawbars, percussion, chorus/vibrato, overdrive, rotary effect, envelopes, EQ and reverb.

Ideal for heavy room-filling riffs, super-fast attack and bone-crunching overdrive, RAMMFIRE is perfectly and directly modeled on the legendary Pre-500 Dual Rectifier Amp and recording setup of Richard Z. Kruspe (Rammstein). Designed and developed in close collaboration with the man himself, we’ve unlocked the secrets behind this iconic band’s trademark sound.

TRAKTOR’s 12 includes some of the most inspiring and contemporary sounds from TRAKTOR’s arsenal – effects that have been road tested by top DJs in the world’s biggest clubs. Incredible delays, reverbs, and filters join TRAKTOR’s unique and hugely popular Beatmasher, Transpose Stretch and Mulholland Drive, among others, to form a powerful studio tool with true club pedigree.

REFLEKTOR represents the pinnacle of digital signal processing – a definitive convolution reverb based on the groundbreaking Zero Latency Convolution technology developed by Native Instruments. This high-performance effect provides reverb ranging from super-realistic physical rooms to fully virtual acoustics, offering in-depth modeling parameters for creating unique spaces. It can perfectly emulate the sound of high-end, expensive digital reverb units and includes specially designed content for creative sound design. Combined with some highly usable and musical innovations such as the Sync and Reverse feature, this is the ultimate reverb for every production need, from classic to creative.

Based on REAKTOR 5.5′s new “Modal Bank” module, which utilizes the possibilities of physical modeling synthesis, REAKTOR PRISM produces a dynamic and pristine sound that can be dramatically modified via internal or external sources. The result is a wide-ranging synth, equally powerful for hard basses and digital leads as organic soundscapes, percussive keys, flutes and bells.

KOMPLETE 7 is now available to purchase for PC and Mac for 499 EUR / $559 USD. KOMLETE 7 ELEMENTS is 99 EUR / $119 USD, and the KOMPLETE 7 PLAYERS bundle is now available as a free download.

More information: Native Instruments


Martinic Combo Model V, free virtual combo organ now available for Mac

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Martinic Combo Model V

Martinic has announced that Combo Model V, a freeware virtual combo instrument plug-in, is now available in VST and Audio Units formats for Mac.

Combo Model V is a virtual combo organ, modelled after the mother of all combo organs: the Vox® Continental.

Combo Model V

  • 4-octave C-to-C keyboard.
  • Harmonic range 7 polyphonic octaves.
  • 4 footage drawbars.
  • 2 voice drawbars.
  • Vibrato unit with adjustable speed and depth.
  • Swell (volume) pedal.
  • Adjustable tuning per note.
  • Fully modelled (no samples inside).
  • Model includes oscillators, dividers, crosstalk, filters, key contacts and key click.
  • Velocity-sensitive key contact attack and release.
  • Fully automatable.
  • 32 original Connie presets included.

Combo Model V is available to download as a freeware instrument plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: Martinic Combo Model V


CD Sound Master releases The Producer’s Pack 2

Acustica Audio Nebula 3

CD Sound Master has released The Producer’s Pack 2, a collection of programs for Nebula Pro by Acustica Audio.

“The Producer’s Pack 2″ library collection is the long-awaited companion to “The Producer’s Pack”, providing 37 new programs, including our unique “Real Spaces” Reverb collection, Bass EQ, and Vox and Marshall EQ’s and Amps!

This new library collection gives customers an amazing new array of tools for direct inject of bass and guitar. “Real Space” will give you a completely new mindset for mixing, providing a palette of true-to-life acoustic spaces for instrument and vocal placement.

Whether you are mixing completely in the box, or recording all live material, you can bring more dimensional space and re-amping choices with immediacy!

The Producer’s Pack 2 is available to purchase for $39 USD. It is also available as part of The Producer’s Pack 1 & 2 Combo, priced at $58 USD.

More information: CD Sound Master / The Producer’s Pack 2


VOX releases JamVOX v1.5

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Vox JamVOX

VOX has released version 1.5 of JamVOX, a software solution for guitarists.

JamVOX is the amazing Jam and Practice Tool for Guitar. The simple-to-use package uses a robust monitor speaker (dual 3″ drivers) that is also a USB plug-and-play audio interface, and that includes easy-to-use software for Mac or PC computers.

The revolutionary GXT (Guitar XTracktion) function removes the guitar from any audio recording, so that you can play along; or isolates the guitar part so that you can loop it, slow it down, and learn it with ease! Featuring our distinctive VOX modeling – 19 coveted amps and 54 in-demand effect pedals – JamVOX lets you design your dream rig and create nearly any guitar sound. JamVOX also works with vocals, and even features an XLR mic input.

Changes in JamVOX v1.5

  • The GXT (Guitar XTracktion) algorithm has been greatly enhanced, and a new Easy Edit panel has been added. The Easy Edit controls make it simple to quickly remove (or isolate) the specific target sound.
  • The Tempo and Pitch Change functions have also been greatly enhanced. The high-definition algorithm “zplane élastique efficient V2″ has been integrated into these functions. This improvement allows you to clearly catch individual notes with nuances during a very fast passage, even when played at half tempo.
  • Added three types of superb High-Definition Reverbs to the FX section. The parameters have been optimized for electric guitar, so that you can achieve great sounding reverbs settings with ease.
    • HD-HALL: Simulates the early reflections and reverberation of a concert hall with the highest accuracy. This setting provides the feeling of being on stage in a concert hall.
    • HD-CHAMBER: Simulates the sonic characteristics of a large chamber. By experimenting with the parameter settings, you can achieve not only natural-sounding spatial simulations, but also wacky-sounding reverbs as well.
    • HD-ROOM: Provides a high-quality simulation of room reverb. This is a more confined, intimate reverb simulation, and can be refined by editing the parameters.

JamVOX Version 1.5 is now available free to all JamVOX users, via either the auto-update function of the JamVOX software, or by downloading directly from

More information: VOX / JamVOX