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Wusik updates Wusikstation to v5.8.0

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Wusik Wusikstation v5

Wusik has released version 5.8.0 of Wusikstation, a hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler for VST hosts.

Changes in Wusikstation v5.8.0

  • New animated keyboard display at the bottom of the GUI. It also shows the current key-zones for the selected layer, and any possible key-switches with a different color. You can click on keys to audition presets. There’s a master Hide/Show option in the Global Contextual Menu.
  • New Modulation-Matrix Destinations: All Envelopes Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release levels. (All Amp and Mod Envelopes)
  • New Modulation-Matrix option: Real-Time. (ON by Default) When you have a Mod-Matrix slot that doesn’t need to be processed in Real-Time, you can turn this option to Off and save a lot of CPU usage. The processing will only be done when a new note is played.
  • Several new options to the WusikSND format as described by the list below. (plus support for the same options on SFZ files)
  • Added all the above new WusikSND options to the new Integrated Sampler-Editor.
  • Disk-Streaming support for SFZ/WAV files. (16 and 24 bits – Layers O1, O2, O3 and O4)
  • More SFZ op-codes: PITCH_KEYTRACK=0, PITCH_KEYTRACK=100, LOOP_MODE=ONE_SHOT, LOOP_START, LOOP_END, OSCILLATOR=ON, TRIGGER=FIRST, TRIGGER=LEGATO, TRIGGER=RELEASE, OFFSET, SEQ_POSITION, (aka Round Robin, starts at 1) SW_LAST, SW_DOWN, SW_UP, SW_PREVIOUS, (Key Switches, -1=Default and -2=SustainPedal) LORAND and HIRAND. (random sample selection on new note)
  • SFZ Export added to the sample-editor. (thanks to Asseca)
  • New Choke-Group: Stop All. When playing a sound with this group setting, all other notes will stop. In the SFZ support, this is group 999.
  • SFZ files: Mono and Stereo samples can be mixed together in the SFZ file now.
  • Changed: library compiler file checkings. It no longer checks if the library file link is active, making the library compile process much faster. If you moved files around, you need to use the ‘Fix’ tool instead. (file-browser->options->other options)
  • Drag-and-drop of WusikPRST (Preset) files. (before it was WAV, WusikSND and SFZ files only)
  • New Skin-Type 003. All Mod-Matrix parameters are hidden in the following layers: Master Mix, Master FX Edit and Wavesequencer Editor.
  • When trying to load a WusikSND file that is missing, first, the code will try to open the same file-name with the .SFZ extention. If a SFZ file is found at the same location as the original WusikSND file, it gets loaded and the preset re-saved with the SFZ reference instead.
  • Integrated Groove-Box Additions: Added Save/Copy and Load/Paste support for each lane configuration: volume, mode, drum-note, name, midi-out, destination, solo, mute, …
  • WusikSND new options: Key Switching, Round Robin, Mode Legato, Mode Release, Sample Fine Tuning, Fixed Pitch Mode.

Wusikstation 5 is available as a VST instrument for Windows for $149.95 USD. A demo version can be downloaded here.

Visit Wusik for more information.

Wusik updates Wusikstation to v5.7.2

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Wusik Wusikstation v5

Wusik has released version 5.7.2 of Wusikstation, a hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler VST instrument for Windows PC.

Changes in Wusikstation v5.7.2

  • Several problems related to reading WAV/SFZ files fixed.
  • Problem with the FX version related to some graphic-images fixed.
  • Problem with Loop-Position Modulation x Poly Presets fixed.
  • Groove-Box/G-Seq Problem when using Note-Learn mutting the note inputs fixed.
  • Groove-Box/G-Seq Midi-Learn is now working on all Groove Box parameters.
  • Internal memory leak problems with very large sound files fixed.
  • Changing number-of-voices no longer re-loads sounds, only the preset.

Both the full & demo versions have been updated.

Visit Wusik for more information.

Ametrine Audio releases AM 1 Synthesizer

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Ametrine Audio AM 1

Ametrine Audio has released AM 1 Synthesizer, a bass and stab synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC.

AM 1 Synthesizer features

  • Powered by Wusik engine.
  • 100 presets and a total of 1069 variations. The variation presets are the original sound with alterations made to them (different release & decay times and added effects).
  • Many bass sounds and rave stabs.

AM 1 Synthesizer is available as a VST instrument for £14.95 GBP. There’s also a “Sounds Only” version for £7.95 GBP (requires at least WusikEngine V5.x.x).

Visit Ametrine Audio for more information and audio demos.

Hardcore Harmonics releases Prizm

Hardcore Harmonics Prizm

Hardcore Harmonics has released Prizm, an atmospheric virtual instrument for Windows PC.

Using Evolvers, mystical and haunting vocals, lush pads and strings, symphonic brass, guitars, plucked instruments, insanely fat analog timbres, crazy modelled instruments, pianos, sound effects and morphing soundscapes, you can create phenomenal sound tracks for film, television, games and all types of musical genres.

Prizm features

  • Wusik engine based instrument with 6 oscillator channels, full effects section, dual step sequencers, arps, mixing section, low frequency oscillators (lfo), filters, eq and a complete modulation matrix. Details here.
  • 35 gigabyte core library of sounds that covers a wide spectrum of sonic capabilities. Everything was recorded and sampled at 24 bit, 48khz for a totally pristine, HD-DVD-ready experience.

Prizm is available now for download for $199 USD. Wusikstation owners have the option to update to the Prizm synth for $39 USD and an upgrade to Prizm including the core library is $149 USD.

Visit Hardcore Harmonics for more information and audio demos.

Wusik updates Wusikstation to v5.6.2

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Wusik Wusikstation v5

Wusik has released version 5.6.2 of Wusikstation, a hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler VST instrument for Windows PC.

Changes in Wusikstation v5.6.2

  • Added SFZ support including drag-and-drop. Loads WAV Sample, Key Zones, Velocity Zones, Key-Root, Group-Settings, Pan, Fine-Tuning, Choke-Groups and Default-Path. All the rest gets ignored and should be saved with the WusikPRST file instead. It doesn’t support disk-streaming for SFZ files, and no compressed (ogg) files either.
  • Preset Comments Option added.
  • Improved “Missing sounds” warning message.
  • New multi-line editor for the Library Link comments.
  • New option on the File-Browser->Options->Other Options: Show Preset Comments – Enabled/Disabled.
  • Changed: Master Limiter and Fade-Sound are now Global and saved in the wIni file.
  • Changed: When using the Groove-Box, the whole preset BPM will sync to the Groove-Box parameters.
  • Fixed problem with one-shot samples and the W1/W2 layers. (EG: Drumatoxin presets)
  • Fixed problem with Fix-Broken-Sound-Links and older presets.
  • Fixed a problem with single-shot WAV files.
  • Fixed a problem with loading presets quickly. (related to the GrooveBox, even with presets that doesn’t use it)

Visit Wusik for more information.

Wusik updates Wusikstation to v5.4

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Wusik Wusikstation v5

Wusik has released version 5.4 of Wusikstation, a hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler VST instrument for Windows PC.

  • New 16 Bit format, for both WusikSND and the option above.
  • New WusikPACK file format. Select one preset or a folder of presets to get a WusikPACK file of all related files: presets, sounds and effects. You can also manually add any other files from the DATA folder to a WusikPACK file. EG: Skins, Library files, extra effect presets.
  • Drag-and-Drop ability for WAV and WusikSND files from ANY directory.
  • New “fix broken sound-links” option in the File-Browser->Options menu.
  • New “fix library broken preset-links” option in the File-Browser->Options menu.
  • 16 Bits Batch-Converter option added.
  • New Multi-Out file with 9 outputs: each layer outputs to an individual bus, plus 2 FX and 1 Main output. (mix of all outputs)
  • Fixed problem on loading non-looped WusikSND files.
  • Fixed several buffer related problems.
  • Fixed problem with library files.
  • Improved Master Limiter. (better sound).

Wusikstation is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC for $129 USD, but it seems you can also get it in the Wusik Summer 2008 Group-buy for just $59.95 USD (various upgrades are available as well).

Visit Wusik for more information.

Westgate Sounds releases Dreams and Nightmares

Westgate Sounds Dreams and Nightmares

Westgate Sounds has released Dreams and Nightmares, the first of a new series of soundsets that will stand on its own as well as complement the Anomaly series.

Dreams and Nightmares features

  • Each soundset consists of both Light (Dream) and Dark (Nightmare) type sounds.
  • The presets features both types of sound, as well as combinations of them.
  • Wusikstation edition: 30 stereo sounds, 569 Mb. Playable in Wusikstation V4 and above. Also playable in any Wusik Engine based instrument that uses the V4 or above Wusik Engine. Includes 30 single sound presets and 35 multi sound presets by Daniel Kemp.
  • Soundfont (SF2) edition: 30 Mono sounds in one .SF2 file – 145 Mb, 30 Stereo sounds in one .SF2 file – 290 Mb. No presets.
  • Absynth edition: 30 Stereo sounds, 285 Mb. 30 Absynth V3 presets in a .glo file, 30 Absynth V4 presets as .ksd files.

The Dreams and Nightmares soundset is available for $10 USD for each edition.

Visit Westgate Sounds for more information and audio demos.

Wusik releases WusikGrooveBox VSTi

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Wusik WusikGrooveBox

Wusik has released WusikGrooveBox, a drum-machine and groove-box solution, based on the same audio-engine as Wusikstation, with WusikSND support and all the Wusikstation effects.

WusikGrooveBox features

  • VSTi Synth based on the WusikEngine: 6 single Osc Layers, each layer with its own set of Filters and EQs.
  • Extra options for the WusikSND format: Stereo-Pan (for mono sounds) and Choke-groups. This is accessible via the sample-editor and used only by the WusikGrooveBox.
  • 8 Sequences on the screen, with a two-page-selector for a total of 16 Sequences.
  • Each Sequence has 16 steps on the screen. Each step can be a drum-trigger and note-sequence. (each Sequence has an option of Drum or Note steps) A total of 64 steps can be set for each pattern, by using multiple 16-step windows.
  • 8 Banks of 8 Patterns for a total of 64 Patterns per instance.
  • Song mode, where you put the order of the patterns to be played. With option to Repeat Patterns and Loop the whole Song.
  • Option to Sync the Clock External or Internally. (with the External Sync ON the sequence will follow the Hosts Transport Time, Position, Start and Stop)
  • Each pattern has its own resolution: 1/16 or 1/32
  • Each pattern has its own number of steps. To allow the creation of uneven patterns. Up to 64 Steps.
  • Each Step has an option of 8 levels of Velocity (volume). This is optional, you can also use the Accent Part instead. For easier and quicker groove creation.
  • A 9th Sequence on the screen, that holds the ACCENT sequence. This is OPTIONAL, as you can also set the volume of each Step manually. Or you can use this global ACCENT (volume) setting that will affect all sequences.
  • Each Step has a SHIFT option, so you can add early/late steps directly without having to change the resolution (internally all steps are based on a 1/128 resolution).
  • Each Step has FLAM option.
  • Each Step has a Slide and Note-Off option, for complex Bass/Synth lines.
  • Global Swing option.
  • You can control the steps by using the Mouse, PC or MIDI keyboard.
  • You can trigger patterns remotely by using the MIDI keyboard. With 3 modes: Off, Instant and Delayed.
  • Global BPM Tempo or Per-Pattern Tempos. So you can do tempo changes on a Song.

WusikGrooveBox is available for Windows PC for $49.95 USD ($29.95 for a crossgrade) and two demo versions are available for download. Owners of both WusikGrooveBox and Wusikstation V5 can request a special Wusikstation Gbox version that has WusikGrooveBox integrated.

Visit Wusik for more information and audio demos.