Acousticsamples E-Pian

Acousticsamples has released the E-Pian, a multi-sampled classic 73 keys electric piano from 1972 recorded with the direct output plugged into a tube preamp.

E-Pian features

  • 2,58Go sample bank, no loops, 24bits 44.1Khz samples.
  • 13 Velocity layers/note for the sustain.
  • Up to 26 Velocities for the release.
  • 2 Types of release samples, on pedal up and on pedal down.
  • Additional pedal noise (up and down) that actually plays the pedal sound when you use it.
  • Advanced scripting, especially for the releases when the sustain pedal is down.
  • Really easy to play, just like a real piano, no more and no less Download the Manual.
  • KONTAKT 2 and 3. Easy to use KONTAKT interface.

E-Pian is available for an introductory price of €39 EUR until February 12 (regular price will be €49 EUR).

Visit Acousticsamples for more information and some audio demos.