Ample Sound updates Ample China Pipa virtual instrument to v2.0


Ample Sound has released version 2.0 of its Ample China Pipa virtual instrument for Windows and Mac.

Ample China Pipa 2

The update includes user requested features and new samples have been added.

Ample China Pipa is composed of two sample libraries: Master (traditional Pipa timbre) and Expert (modern style). The recording used AB and MS stereo techniques. The software is encrypted with the iLok Anti-Piracy system.

The instrument features a new chord detection function, allows users to edit chord fingering on the virtual fretboard. Strummer will automatically display the name of the chord.

Changes in Ample China Pipa II

  • New sample groups/articulations:
    • Expression Tremolo: In addition to the original flat tremolo, a new group of tremolo with large dynamics and vibrato has been added, with 900 MB samples in total.
    • The Tails of Expression Tremolo: Added 520 MB tail samples for expression tremolo.
    • Triplets: Added commonly used triplets samples, with 330 MB in total.
    • Bend Up: Added 150 MB real up-bending samples.
    • Bend Down: Added 160 MB real down-bending samples.
    • Removed the keyswitch for manual HP, which can only be triggered in Auto Legato mode.
  • New Treble String capo logic mode. In this mode more notes will be played on the highest string.
  • Polyphonic tremolo can be be played.
  • Single installer library for Mac and Windows users.
  • Automatically updates file list when opening the preset window.
  • Added octave number in virtual keyboard.
  • New tooltips UI.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

Ample China Pipa 2 (VST/VST3/AU/AAX/Standalone) is available for the intro price of $135 USD until March 20th, 2019 (regular $169 USD). The update is free of charge for users of Ample China Pipa.

More information: Ample Sound

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