Ample Sound has released version 2.0 of its Ample China Pipa virtual instrument for Windows and Mac.

The update includes user requested features and new samples have been added.

Ample China Pipa is composed of two sample libraries: Master (traditional Pipa timbre) and Expert (modern style). The recording used AB and MS stereo techniques. The software is encrypted with the iLok Anti-Piracy system.

The instrument features a new chord detection function, allows users to edit chord fingering on the virtual fretboard. Strummer will automatically display the name of the chord.

Changes in Ample China Pipa II

  • New sample groups/articulations:
    • Expression Tremolo: In addition to the original flat tremolo, a new group of tremolo with large dynamics and vibrato has been added, with 900 MB samples in total.
    • The Tails of Expression Tremolo: Added 520 MB tail samples for expression tremolo.
    • Triplets: Added commonly used triplets samples, with 330 MB in total.
    • Bend Up: Added 150 MB real up-bending samples.
    • Bend Down: Added 160 MB real down-bending samples.
    • Removed the keyswitch for manual HP, which can only be triggered in Auto Legato mode.
  • New Treble String capo logic mode. In this mode more notes will be played on the highest string.
  • Polyphonic tremolo can be be played.
  • Single installer library for Mac and Windows users.
  • Automatically updates file list when opening the preset window.
  • Added octave number in virtual keyboard.
  • New tooltips UI.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

Ample China Pipa 2 (VST/VST3/AU/AAX/Standalone) is available for the intro price of $135 USD until March 20th, 2019 (regular $169 USD). The update is free of charge for users of Ample China Pipa.

More information: Ample Sound