Antelope Audio has announced availability of the Opto-2A compressor, Space Flanger and Vari-Speed Tremolo, three new Synergy Core effects for the recently released Discrete 4 Synergy Core and Discrete 8 Synergy Core audio interfaces.


This iconic unit from the 1950s is the compressor that started it all! A broadcast and recording studio legend, the Opto-2A’s continued use over half a century after its inception is a testament to its brilliance.

Its exceptionally warm sound and gentle compression character make it a beloved piece of audio engineering for generations of artists and producers.

Antelope Audio Opto 2A

The key to its unique personality is the T4 optical attenuator, the outcome of time spent developing optical sensors for the US military.

Its sonic signature is the two-stage release which greatly contributes to its smooth and musical compression. With only Gain and Peak Reduction knobs to adjust, the Opto-2A is exceedingly simple to dial in. And with a turn of the switch, the compressor becomes a limiter.

Although the Opto-2A is infinitely versatile, it’s best heard on vocals due to its incredibly pleasant response to the human voice. Definitely try talking or singing through it to hear its impact on your performance.

Space Flanger

It has been a long while since seminal band The Beatles and recording pioneer Les Paul first experimented with flanging in the 1950s.

Throughout the years, the effect itself hasn’t changed much, but clever minds have came up with dozens of different approaches to it.

Antelope Audio Space Flanger

Antelope Audio’s flanger is a distinctly modern one.

Taking advantage of the Synergy Core platform’s unparalleled computational capabilities, Space Flanger is capable of producing phases, sweeps and swooshes that sound truly extraterrestrial. Your voice and instruments are now ready for take-off!

Vari-Speed Tremolo

Tremolo – the modulation effect that started it all! Before the first tremolo units came built into vintage amplifiers, nobody knew what guitar effects are.

A simple concept it may be, but the tremolo went on to define the iconic sound of surf guitar and spurred a wave of innovation among musical equipment builders.

Antelope Audio Vari Speed Tremolo

The Synergy Core-powered Vari-Speed Tremolo presents a fresh and versatile take on vintage tremolos with its 5-position Wave Selector and the addition of a Vari-Speed Rate knob.

By adjusting how quickly the frequency of the modulator wave varies, you can spice up your tremolo effects with a welcome touch of unpredictability.

Initially available for the Discrete 4 Synergy Core and Discrete 8 Synergy Core audio interfaces, Opto-2A is priced at 75 USD/ EUR while Space Flanger and Vari-Speed Tremolo are 55 USD/EUR.

These new Synergy Core effects will also be available for the Orion Studio Synergy Core when it is released.

More information: Antelope Audio