Arturia has announced the the imminent release of RackBrute, a Eurorack modular storage, power, and transport system.

Following the announcement of the new MiniBrute 2 and MiniBrute 2S synthesizers, RackBrute is the third and final product of the series, and will be available at stores worldwide from March 2018.

Arturia RackBrute

RackBrute is a dedicated Eurorack case crafted from sturdy steel and aluminium, with many innovative enhancements. Each unit features a dedicated power module to keep your precious gear supplied with +12V / -12V / +5V power, the handle can be calibrated to act as a multi-position stand, letting you use your Eurorack modules in whatever position you find most comfortable.

RackBrute comes in two sizes: a smaller 3U, 88HP version, and a larger 6U, 176HP version. Whatever size your collection, your modules will be housed in the most economic, efficient way possible.

Arturia RackBrute 3U

RackBrute completes a versatile, customizable, creative EcoSystem bridging the gap between traditional synthesizers and the world of modular thanks to the new Arturia Link system found on both the MiniBrute 2 and MiniBrute 2S to lock in place.

When using RackBrute in combination with MiniBrute or MiniBrute 2S, everything is laid out before you, breaking down all barriers for your experimentation and inspiration.

Arturia RackBrute 6U

When you need to pack away for storage, or to transport your whole setup for a gig, RackBrute can pack down into a handy transport mode, with a sturdy carry handle and spacers to prevent any collision between the RackBrute and the other attached hardware.

A stylish RackBrute Travel Bag is also available to keep your precious cargo scratch, splash, and dust free.

RackBrute features

  • 3U & 6U options: whether you have a huge collection or you just need a convenient, rugged housing for a few choice modules, RackBrute is the answer.
  • A home for your modular system: RackBrute is a smart, space-saving Eurorack. Space to connect up to 20 modules.
  • The safe choice: with RackBrute you’re not buying a DIY kit made in a garage but a solution from a well known company.
  • Good to go: RackBrute can be folded for storage or to provide protection for your precious modules in transit.
  • Rugged construction: built from hardwearing materials and components, RackBrute could be your one and only Eurorack case.
  • High quality power system: we have focused on the integrated power management system so we offer a premium solution.
  • Multiple positions: RackBrute can be used in 6 configurations to give you the most flexible setup possible.
  • Power module: power supply with 1600mA +12V output, 1600mA -12V output and 900mA +5V output. 5HP width.

The RackBrute 3U and RackBrute 6U are available for pre-order for 259 EUR and 359 EUR, respectively. They will be available for shipping by the end of February.

Arturia is showcasing the MiniBrute 2, MiniBrute 2S and RackBrute at NAMM 2018, at booth #11910.

More information: Arturia / RackBrute 3U / RackBrute 6U