Audified has announced availability of the VocalMint Compressor, a one-knob multi-stage compressor effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Audified VocalMint Compressor

Following the recent VocalMint Saturator, this new compressor plugin is tailored to improve your vocal recordings.

Achieving a specific vocal recording-related task with super-fast results without forsaking achieving a professional sound might well once have sounded like a pipe dream. Ask anyone who has ever spent some time pondering over building up a complete compression chain for any vocal track. That dream is now reality, however, thanks to Audified’s VocalMint Compressor, the latest addition to its innovative plug-in product line of top-tier professional voice tools perfectly packaged into an intuitive learning curve-free user interface as a one-knob multi-stage compressor.

Ultimately, users can master VocalMint Compressor in a matter of seconds. Saying that, though, beneath its superficially simple surface lies a powerful tool. Indeed, it not only compresses a track once, but rather runs it through its virtual signal chain to tune multiple parameters of the voice at once — and achieves all that under the hood without disturbing the user’s creative flow state.

VocalMint Compressor features

  • Designed especially for voice.
  • Multi-stage compression chain.
  • Contains an exact model of a valve.
  • Intuitive one knob solution.
  • Perfect for radio broadcasts & podcasters.
  • Super-fast results.

The plugin is is available to purchase from Plugin Boutique for $79 USD. It comes in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats. A free demo version can be downloaded.

More information: Audified