Audiomodern has announced the release of Random Chords Generator PRO, a Max for Live instrument built to create MIDI chords from the MIDI notes received.

RCG comes with 52 chord types and control for manual or automatic randomization for inversion, velocity and the arp/delay of individual chord notes.

Furthermore it controls semitone’s transposition and adjusts the chord to a desired octave.
It also has an option to add a final scale through 42 modalities that enable the chord adjustment to the desired tone and play always in key.

Random Chords Generator PRO is a unique tool that offers virtually unlimited creative potential for any audio production and it is done in a visual way that is easy fun to use.

It is literally a swiss army knife for creating random chords on the spot and has been designed to promote music creation both in studio and live with a simple and convenient user interface.

Random Chords Generator PRO features

  • Advanced random chords creator.
  • 52 Chord Types.
  • Octave Selector.
  • Note Transposition.
  • Automatic Randomization for each key pressed.
  • Randomize Inversion.
  • Randomize Velocity.
  • Randomize Arp/Delay.
  • Can output chords over MIDI.

Random Chords Generator PRO is on sale for the intro price of 29 EUR until September 21st, 2017 (regular 39 EUR).

More information: Audiomodern / Random Chords Generator PRO