Best Service has announced Foley Stage – Complete, a sound library for film-, game- and music production.

Foley Stage is the first Sound Library to be recorded on the Asian continent. Ambience recordings from Asian cities and villages, Ambiences from real life situations, Asian ceremonies, weapon- und battle sounds, firework sounds, electronically sounds from synthesizers, sci-fi and monster sounds and the absolutely essential and globally usable basics from a sound archive.

With its 5.000 files, 40.000 different takes and a total of 129 GB sample material, Foley Stage gives you not only everything you need for your game-, film- or documentary production but also offers an extensive journey through the acoustic world of Asia.

Foley Stage features

  • 129 GB content organized in 14 groups: Ambience, Electronic Products, Fireworks, Foley Actions, Foley Cold Weapon, Footsteps, Creatures, Life Properties, Materials, Synthesizer, Tools, Toys, India, Waters.
  • 24-bit/96 kHz, files are logically labeled.
  • Includes files with different takes and variations, as well as very long files perfectly suitable for atmospheres or soundscapes.
  • All Foley Stage files contain metadata for a perfect integration into Soundminer.
  • The boxed version includes a 2,5″ USB drive for Mac & PC.

Foley Stage Complete is available to purchase as a boxed version (on hard drive) or as download, priced at MSRP 895 EUR / £749 GBP / $995 USD.

More information: Best Service / Foley Stage Complete