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Blue Cat Audio has updated all of their 18 freeware and non-freeware VST and DirectX effect plug-ins.

New features and fixes:

  • Blue Cat’s skinnning language 1.2.4 support
  • Antialiased curves
  • Parameters fine tuning available when the shift key is down (EQs now have a 0.1 dB resolution)
  • MIDI control for all parameters (Liny EQ series)
  • Silence detection and CPU efficiency improvement: no processing occurs when the plug-in input is silent
  • (Bug fix): in some plug-in adapters (such as FxPansion’s VST to RTAS adapter) the GUI did not display properly when first loaded
  • (Bug fix): when reinstalling the software in another directory, a “skin not found” message was displayed

While you’re over at Blue Cat, check their Dynamics and ParametrEQ series since they are available for a special discount price (up to -25%) for two more weeks.

Visit Blue Cat Audio for more information and links to download the updated versions.