Caelum Audio has released an update to the Tape Cassette 2 plugin that recreates the classic sound of tape cassettes.

Version 1.1 comes with output gain, which allows you to reduce/boost the volume at the output of the plugin to increase saturation without increasing volume. The Auto-Gain option automatically adjusts the output gain relative to the saturation, keeping the output volume at a more consistent volume.

Tape Cassette 2 is an audio plugin that emulates the warmth, noise and character of old tape cassettes. Following up from our well received Tape Cassette 1, we’ve updated the plugin with a sleek interface and more changes under the hood too.

Along with a brand new selectable Type 1 Cassette Impulse Response (IR), we’ve improved the saturation algorithm, wow & flutter engine and implemented real sampled tape noise, all which results in a wonderfully warm and more accurate vintage sound. In addition to this you now have two VU meters to monitor your audio as well as selectable oversampling.

Tape Cassette 2 is a free download in VST3 and AU formats for Windows and Mac, as well as a stand-alone application and AUv3 plugin for iOS.

Additionally, Caelum Audio has released two free sample packs: Body Sounds Vol. 1 and Pretty Piano Vol. 2.

More information: Caelum Audio