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ColorJack is an online Color Scheme Generator. The author of ColorJack created it as a way to learn color theory & Javascript simultaneously. The result is a refreshing set of color tools.

ColorJack Sphere provides an easy way to create color palettes.

ColorJack SphereColorJack Sphere

You simply select the type of color scheme you’re looking to create (i.e. Six-Tone, Complementary or Triadic) and move the little dots in the color wheel to get the color palette of your liking. You can select a level of color blindness and set the color spectrum (websafe, websmart). You can even export the palettes to Illustrator or Photoshop.

If you’re looking for more control over the palettes, check out ColorJack Studio (screenshot).

A minuratuarized version of Sphere, ColorJack Sphere Widget is available for all major operating systems.

ColorJack Sphere WidgetColorJack Sphere Widget

There’s also a little DHTML color picker available for download so you can use it in your own website/application.

Visit ColorJack to check out all of these tools.

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Wow! Just had fun to play with this tool. I love the ability to check “palettes ready to go” on the first page. Excellent job!

I would recommend also to check Color palette generator at This is useful for coming up with a website color palette that matches a key image that a client can work with.

I have generated a few color palettes and the results are pretty good.

You ca check them at

Thank you very much for posting your link!