Complexsystems Spectralis Silverdroid

Complexsystems has released Silverdroid a free soundbank for the Spectralis by Radikal Technologies.

Here is the new Silverdroid2010 Soundbank for Spectralis. More than 100MB of new samplers from great synths (Dave Smith Instruments, Elektron, Roland, Access, Waldorf, Korg, etc, etc…)

The content of this new packet includes also preconfigured FX´s, as Metal Flangers, Sync Delays, Extreme Phasers and a total of 8 new FX. Also a new template pattern called Sdroid2010, prepared with 100 new designed sounds in a .SSB file…glide leads, atmospheres, hyperpads, subbass and a big collection of Drums with glitches, blips, and other FX for your electronic and dance productions.

Better samplers quality than in the Ambient Soundbank with two notes per octave with 4 octaves per sampler.Use the new Randomize method with this samplers for a great range of sounds.

Hyperdrums are also included.

The Silverdroid soundbank is available to download at no cost. Donations are appreciated.

More information: Complexsystems / Spectralis Silverdroid Soundbank