Looking for inspiration? Check out Cableguys’ creative approach to designing unique modulated riffs with the ShaperBox effects rack.

Beginning with a single-note sample, TimeShaper transforms the sustained note into a musical riff through pitch and time modulation.

Next, a “secret weapon” technique: VolumeShaper‘s LFO rate is pushed way up into the audio range, adding gritty overtones. A custom filter curve drawn in FilterShaper Core adds a final layer of audio animation.

For a huge, speaker-filling sound, the whole track is duplicated and stereo reverb placed before ShaperBox, giving a very different sound to ‘normal’ reverb – try it!

ShaperBox Bundle is available from Plugin Boutique for $99 USD, offering a 50% savings on the price of buying all 5 Shapers individually.

More information: Cableguys